Koga Hanamomo Marathon – 49 Days To Go

Week          14 ~ 20 January

Runs           9 

Distance     82km

Although I was travelling this week, I did manage to get in a few good runs. The time difference of travelling East To West worked in my favour as I found myself wide awake at 4am waiting for the appropriate time to go running. Of course, there was no appropriate time as it was dark until after 8am but I like to fool myself. Stella from Colt had suggested some great running routes for me and I was glad I followed them. I also kept my running streak going throughout the trip, although this did require going out for a 2km run at 00:02 on Saturday morning as I had to get up at 3:30 for the flight back to Japan. But more about that later. I arrived at Barcelona Airport around 7pm on Sunday night. Being a Sunday night, the city was very quiet and the taxi made good time getting to the hotel. I did not run that night but ran each day over the next 5 days to ensure that I did not lose any fitness and that I saw a bit of the city as well.

Monday 14th January 2019

RHR                  56

HRV                   90

Run                    11km

Avg Pace            5:28/km

Avg HR               141

Avg Cadence      172


I was awake from 2am on Monday morning. As always there is nothing that can be done about jetlag unless you are prepared to take drugs. I just lay there waiting for the sun to come up. Around 5:30am I realized that the sun was not coming up and I went out for my run anyway. This involved a 2km run down to the beach and running back and forth for a bit. It was a mild morning and I saw several other people out running. They were all covered up with hats and scarfs so I guessed that they were locals not enjoying the mild Barcelona winter.


66n7vostto2d5q+sn%k2kgAfter a couple of meetings in the morning, I slipped out in the afternoon to see Sagrada Familia. I had heard about it and seen some photos, but nothing prepared me for how great this cathedral is. If you ever get a chance to go, you must take it and also do the tour with the audio guide. The information you get is well worth the extra 12 bucks.

Tuesday 15th January 2019

RHR                53

HRV                90

Run                  13km

Avg Pace           4:52/km

Avg HR              158

Avg Cadence    188


On Tuesday morning my RHR and HRV were still holding up. I had expected them to dive with the jetlag but were much better than last month when I went to Ireland. Maybe it was the lack of alcohol or maybe it was the fact that travelling without my family is much less stressful. Either way, I was up and out on the street at 5:30am and heading to the beach again. I had been awake for a couple of hours and I felt wide awake. That might have been why I was able to push the pace a bit and I was very pleased with my effort.

Wednesday 16th January 2019

RHR                58

HRV                 84

Run #1             6.2km

Avg Pace          4:31/km

Avg HR             157

Avg Cadence   190

Run #2              12km

Avg Pace          4:58/km

Avg HR             157

Avg Cadence    184


On Tuesday night we had a company dinner and on the way back Romain, Matt and myself decided to meet at 6am the next morning to run together. The problem was that I was still waking up before 4am so at 5:20, I popped out and did a fast 6km run near the hotel before the appointed time. The boys were a little surprised when I showed up at 6 profusely sweating.

We then headed back for the beach and a fast run. Matt is a very fast runner but he kept the pace slow enough so that Romain and myself could keep up with him.

Thursday 17th January 2019

RHR                47

HRV                 96

Run                   10.4km

Avg Pace           5:44/km

Avg HR              147

Avg Cadence     176


On Wednesday night we changed hotels and our new hotel was right beside Montjuic, one of Stella’s running recommendations. I was feeling rather tired in the morning and I was very surprised that my Resting Heart Rate dropped 10 beats down to 47. I knew that I had to proceed with caution as I headed up the hill for Montjuic. I had actually wanted to go to the top but I got a little lost and ran around by the Olympic Stadium for a bit before heading back. I saw no other runners until the end of the run. Although I did not make my intended route, I had gathered enough information to be able to complete it on Friday morning.

Friday 18th January 2019

RHR                 58

HRV                  91

Run #1              8km

Avg Pace          6:09/km

Avg HR             137

Avg Cadence    174

Run #2              12.1km

Avg Pace          5:21/km

Avg HR              159

Avg Cadence    181


On Friday morning I met Romain again and we headed back up the hill. This time there was no losing my way and we made it all the way up to Montjuic Castle. It was still dark so we saw nothing but it was good to make it to the top.


On Friday evening I had a free hour before the sun went down and I slipped out for a quick run before dinner. It was my first time running while it was light in Barcelona and I enjoyed it immensely. This time I ran up to the Olympic Stadium and completed 3 laps. There were a good few other people out running and lots of tourists. It was a great way to finish off the week.

Saturday 19th January 2019

Run                  2.2km

Avg Pace          5:15/km

Avg HR             140

Avg Cadence    174

On Friday afternoon we heard that Taxi Drivers in Barcelona had started an indefinite strike. This would not have caused me much concern except for the fact that my flight was leaving at 6:55am and I needed to be at the airport before the subway and Airport Coach started. I thought about getting an Uber but the man at Reception at the hotel advised against it. He said that there had been cases reported of Taxis attacking Ubers near the airport. That was the last thing that I needed and I chose to leave the hotel at 3:45 and look for a regular bus. In order to continue my streak, I got up at midnight and ran up and down close to the hotel until I clocked up 2km and then went back to the hotel and to bed, before getting up again at 3:30 and finally leaving.

Fortunately, I caught a bus at 3:55 am which dropped me off at Terminal 1 at 4:40 am, after driving all over Barcelona. But it only cost 2 euros so it was worth it.

Sunday 20th January 2019

Run 7.1km

Avg Pace 5:52/km

Avg HR 134

Avg Cadence 171


I arrived back at Haneda Airport at 6:30 am on Sunday and I was home within 2 hours. I did not sleep much on the plane so I was wrecked and headed to bed until almost 3:00 pm. This was reverse jetlag. Once you fixed your jetlag after travelling west, you have to do it all again after travelling east. After waking up in the afternoon I went out for a slow run to the Tamagawa River to keep my streak going and to try and feel better. I was more successful in the former than in the latter.


Koga Hanamomo Marathon – 56 Days To Go

Week 7 ~ 13 January

Runs 7

Distance 80.5km

I was pleased with this week’s running. I managed to keep my streak going to 9 days, including today when I head to Spain, and ran 2 quality runs. I also got in 2 sessions of Bikram Yoga and started drinking smoothies for breakfast. Of course my weight just kept returning to point it was 2 weeks ago when I started this no alcohol/no pastry lark. Something is not working out.

Monday 7th January 2019

RHR 57

HRV 92

Run 3km

Avg Pace 6:12/km

Avg HR 136

Avg Cadence 168

Monday morning was dark and cold and I was sore after my long run on Sunday. I barely got out the door and literally dragged myself around the neighborhood for 3km. It was brutal. The good news was that my HRV and RHR were very good meaning that although I was sore, I was still in a good condition and not too stressed.

On Monday night I hit the yoga studio in Ginza. I may actually be getting better. Who would have thought.

Tuesday 8th January 2019

RHR 57

HRV 87

Run 5.3km

Avg Pace 5:45/km

Avg HR 138

Avg Cadence 175

On Monday I went back to reading Jay’s Blog. He wrote very elegantly about how a good smoothie can improve your performance. So on the way how from work on Monday I bought some spinach and carrots and Tuesday morning after my run I switched from oatmeal to smoothie. The change went well and I managed to lay off the cakes for another day.

Wednesday 9th January 2019

RHR 59

HRV 83

Run 16.2km

Avg Pace 4:53/km

Avg HR 164

Avg Cadence 185

Wednesday was another smoothie breakfast. I didn’t run in the morning as I needed to do something a bit longer than my regular 5km. I had to go Inzai in the afternoon so could not make the Namban Rengo workout so I took myself back down the Tamagawa for a Tempo Run. I was very pleased with my effort. After warming up, I was able to hold a good hard pace and ran the second half faster than the first.

Thursday 10th January 2019

RHR 64

HRV 73

Run 5.3km

Avg Pace 6:22/km

Avg HR 133

Avg Cadence 168

Thursday morning I was back to my usual slow 5km around the neighborhood and my now regular smoothie. I was sore after Wednesday night’s effort and my RHR and HRV had taken a hit as expected, but I was still pleased with myself.

Friday 11th January 2019

RHR 53

HRV 96

Run 5.3km

Avg Pace 5:59/km

Avg HR 134

Avg Cadence 173

Friday morning was 5km and smoothie territory again. I was still sore from Wednesday night but not as sore as Thursday morning. Friday evening we were back at Bikram Yoga in Ginza. It really was a great way to finish off the working week.

Saturday 12th January 2019

RHR 57

HRV 87

Run 37km

Avg Pace 5:06

Avg HR 157

Avg Cadence 180

Faith had once again organized a long run along the Tamagawa River. This time for Saturday morning. She put the shout on Friday while I was at work. I did not respond immediately as I did not know how I would be feeling Saturday morning after yoga. However, as I was leaving on a trip on Sunday and would not have time to run long, I knew this was a golden opportunity. Fortunately, I managed to get up in time and found myself at Futakotamagawa station at 7am with 7 other Nambanners on another bitterly cold morning.

We started off nice and easy but soon settled into a 5:10/km pace. We gradually split into 2 groups with the second group running a little slower. It was a great morning to be out and running despite the cold and I was very glad that I had made the effort.

At the 12km point we stopped for our first drink at a vending machine and Alan and Yasuo kept going as they had planned to run about 30km and did not want to stop yet. As we were starting off again the second group of Andrew, Meeks and Yumiko caught up with. However they turned back at the 12.5km point and that left Faith, Tomoaki and myself.

We kept going at the same pace of 5:00 ~ 5:10/km until we got to 1 hr 35 min of running and abruptly turned around and headed back the way we had come. We managed to up the pace on the way back and for one 2km stretch we were holding 4:50/km. I was surprised I could keep up but the company was good and I dug deep.

Eventually we made it back to Futakotamagawa and Starbucks for a much deserved soy cappuccino.

Hopefully Faith will organize some more long runs before my marathon in March.

I got home and of course had a smoothie for lunch. It didn’t help as my weight continues to climb.

Sunday 13th January 2019

RHR 56

HRV 90

Run 6.3

Avg Pace 5:01/km

Avg HR 140

Avg Cadence 179

Sunday I was delighted to see that my RHR and HRV has recovered and were in a good place. I am flying to Barcelona for work today. Fortunately, my flight does not leave until 11:20 so I had time for a 6km Run at 6am to cap off a good week.

Koga Hanamomo Marathon – 63 Days To Go

Week           31 December 2018 ~ 6 January 2019

Runs:           4

Distance:    57km

Well, I am back from my 2 weeks Christmas Holiday in Ireland. So much happened that I find it difficult to process everything, or unpack it as the Americans might say. We had such a great time and met so many people that it really did turn into a holiday of a lifetime. I am so grateful to my brother Antoin and his wife Cathy for all they did for us as I am to all my friends who invited us into their homes and made time for us. We had such an action-packed two weeks and although we never saw the sky for longer than a half hour due to the clouds, we did not want it to end.

Now I am back in Japan and just 9 weeks out from the Koga Hanamomo Marathon. I managed to keep running in Ireland, but not very consistently. I also managed to put on a couple of unwanted kilos but that is part and parcel of a good holiday so I cannot complain. Now I have to do something about it, and I know just want to do. Stop drinking alcohol, stop eating pastries and run every day. Easy! As you can see in the graph below, my HRV increased nicely up to the Ohtawara Marathon on the 23rd Nov and only really took a dive around the time I got sick on the 10th November. I did not take my HRV regularly over Christmas but I am back taking it every day now and hopefully, we will see it creep up again as my fitness increases and I prepare for my race.

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 15.27.27

The only thing that concerns me is that I have another trip to Europe from next week and jet lag always plays havoc with my HRV. I should be able to get up and run in the morning as I normally wake at 4am when I go from Japan to Europe. Staying awake past 8pm will be the problem.

Monday 31st December 2018

Run:                                       11.1 km

Avg Pace:                             5:24/km

Avg HR:                                 153bpm

Avg Cadence:                     178


Cork Marina

On New Years Eve morning I got up early and headed down to the Cork Marina for my last run there. I love this part of the city. It is less than 4km from my brother’s house so it is easy to get down, do a run and get a coffee before getting back. More people were out running than the previous week and I enjoyed the sunless dawn looking out over the waterless harbour. The rest of the day was spent wandering around Cork getting ready for the evening. And of course, there were pints and vegan pizza as well.


Pints and vegan pizza at the Rising Sons in Cork

Tuesday 1st January 2019

Resting Heart Rate:          62

Heart Rate Variability:    75

Run:                                       4.7 km

Avg Pace:                             6:00/km

Avg HR:                                 139bpm

Avg Cadence:                     171

New Years Day was our last day in Cork. After lunch, we headed up to Dublin for our flight back to Japan on Wednesday. My Heart Rate was elevated and my HRV was suppressed. This was a result of a good night celebrating the New Year with our families. Antoin and I did manage to get out for a quick run around his neighbourhood before he drove us to Dublin. It is always good to get in a run on the first day of the year, even if it is not as long as you might have liked. Normally I do this run in Nagano, but I was just as happy to do in Cork this year.


On New Years Day

Saturday 5th January 2019

Resting Heart Rate:          63

Heart Rate Variability:    72

Run #1:                                 3.4 km

Avg Pace:                             5:13/km

Avg HR:                                148bpm

Avg Cadence:                     180

Run #2:                                 Namban Rengo Hill Repeats

We arrived back in Japan at 10am on Thursday morning and were home by 13:30. There was plenty of time to run but I was wrecked and could only go to bed. Friday was not much better. On Saturday I forced myself out of bed to join the Namban Rengo Hill Repeats. My RHR and HRV were still not in a good place but I knew that I needed to make a start. I did a lap of the palace with Chika san before the Hills started and while I did feel rather heavy, my pace was not too bad. The Hills went better than expected. I don’t have a set distance to run. I just time myself for one minute and see how far I can go. I feel that I was able to run further than I had been before Christmas. Maybe it was the rest. Maybe it was the shorter run that I did before the Hills. Anyway, I will take it.

It was also great catching up with all my old friends for the New Year. As well as meeting people I had known for almost 10 years, I met some new folks as well. Mark has been part of our Run Streak group since last October. Although he is a long-term Tokyo resident I had never had the pleasure of meeting him before. And I spotted Jun wearing a No Meat Athlete T-Shirt. This is a Podcast that I listen to and really enjoy. I just had to get a photo with him as well.


With Mark


With Jun

Sunday 6th January 2019

Resting Heart Rate:          56

Heart Rate Variability:    86

Run:                                      30 km

Avg Pace:                             5:04/km

Avg HR:                                167bpm

Avg Cadence:                     181

On Friday morning, Faith from Namban Rengo sent out a message that she would be running along the Tamagawa from 7am with her friend from Sydney on Sunday and was looking for people to join. I had to say yes. I knew that it would be a challenge with the jet lag, but I also knew that it would most likely get me out the door for a much needed long run. I had been awake for most of the night when my alarm sounded at 5:55am but my RHR and HRV were back where they should be.

A big group of 8 showed up at 7am and we headed off into the bitterly cold morning. Faith’s runs are always good as there is no messing about. After a short warm-up, she hits the target pace and then holds to it. I probably went out a bit too fast. I was happy with the first half as I able to push myself and run a bit faster than I had recently. My thinking was that my next race is the Ohme 30km on the 17th Feb and I need to be able to run at a hard pace for that full distance. Today’s effort shows that I still have a bit of work to do. I was also pleased that I could keep running without stopping for a drink until the 17th km but after that, the wheels came off and I struggled to get home. Still, it was a great day and I enjoyed the run.





Koga Hanamomo Marathon – 70 Days To Go

Week 24 – 30 December

Runs 3

Distance 40 km

Christmas week I took things easy down in Cork with my family at my brother’s house and only ran 3 times. I stopped taking my HRV and relaxed. On Monday we drove down from Dublin to Cork, stopping off at the Outlet Shopping in Kildare. It was quite a surprise to see a mall that looks the same as the ones in Japan.

I woke up early on Christmas Day and went for a run down by the Marina. I left just before 7am and the place was totally dark. I hadn’t forgotten how dour Ireland is during winter time. There is almost no daylight. The run was good and I covered 15km. I saw no other runners but lots of dog walkers.

We had a great Christmas Day feast that night at my brother’s house. It was the first time our whole family had been together in 7 years and hopefully we will not have to wait that long for the next time.

On St. Stephen’s Day we headed down to the Marina to see my nephews row in the scatter. It was very enjoyable seeing the children of all ages out on the water. That evening we went to the pantomime in the Cork Opera House. It had been 30 years since I had been to one and I had forgotten how much fun they are. Our kids really enjoyed it.

On Thursday morning I got up again and did a 20km Run. Even though I started 30 minutes later, it was just as dark and I was glad I brought my headlamp.

Thursday evening was our last evening together as daughter #1 was heading back to Dublin and we went out for pizza. Fortunately they had a good vegan option.

On Friday we went to Cork On Ice and I tried to skate. I had a vague recollection of being able to do it 7 years ago but I was wrong. I was totally awful.

Saturday we went for a hike up Torc Mountain in Kerry. My brother drove us down and we gave it a good shot. However, the top was covered in cloud and we turned back just before we reached it as we were drenched.

Sunday was the big day and we headed off for the Togher 5km Road Race. My brother, sisters-in-law, nephew and myself were all running. I was really looking forward to it as I had never run a 5km Road Race before. About 750 people took part and it was a great event. I did much better than expected and finished 131 and 8th 50 year old male. The fastest 50 year old male ran 17:20 so my 20:36 was far behind. I was delighted I did the race and enjoyed the atmosphere before and after.

So that was my Christmas week in Cork. I had not been in Ireland for Christmas since 2004 and had a fantastic experience with my family. Hopefully I won’t have to wait as long to do it all again.

Koga Hanamomo Marathon – 77 Days To Go

Week 17 – 23 December

Runs 5

Distance 51 km

My running streak came to an end this week as I headed to Ireland for Christmas. I guess that I could have tried to continue it with a run of the minimum of 1 miles but I just did not feel it. I was tired after the travel and wanted a rest. My HRV dived to 64 but even without measuring it I knew I was wrecked.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I got out and ran my usual 5.3km before work. We flew to Ireland via London on Thursday. We got in around 8pm so there was a window of opportunity to run but tiredness and not wanting to leave the family on their first night in Dublin meant we went to the chipper instead.

On Friday morning I was not feeling great at all so we just went shopping and visited friends. It was really nice and I enjoyed the break from running.

Saturday things felt much better and I headed out for a 10 mile run through south Dublin up to Deer Park which is near my old home. It was a lovely clear morning and I felt great. My leg felt sore on the way back but I was happy that I got out.

Sunday was raining but I got out and ran the guts of 20km up the banks of the Liffey and then the length of the Phoenix Park. I love that Park. It is long and straight and makes Dublin a great city. Lots of people were out running and cycling in the rain and the place had a great atmosphere.

It is now Monday morning and we are getting ready to go to Cork for the week and run the Togher 5km next Sunday.

Koga Hanamomo Marathon – 84 days to go

Week           10 ~ 16 December 2018

Runs:           7

Distance:    80km

I am running out of time fast as we are running around the place trying to get ready to go to Ireland on Thursday. However, I did manage to get in a run every day bringing my streak to 78 days and keep on track for 300km in December and 3,000km for the year. My RHR continued to drop and my HRV continued to rise despite the constant stream of Bonenkai and parties. I was out 4 nights during the week which is quite a lot for me at this time in my life. Hence, while my running has not suffered, my blogging will. Here is a short update.

Monday 10th December

Resting Heart Rate:          55

Heart Rate Variability:    96

Run:                                       5.3km

Avg Pace:                             5:50/km

Avg HR:                               133bpm

Avg Cadence:                     172


I had some good news on Monday morning as my resting heart rate returned to 55 and my heart rate variability jumped up to 96. After a quick run, it was off to work and that evening we held our first Bikram Yoga Bonenkai after a class. This was my 3rd class in a row and a record for me.

Tuesday 11th December

Resting Heart Rate:          55

Heart Rate Variability:    84

Run:                                       10.3km

Avg Pace:                             6:02/km

Avg HR:                               134bpm

Avg Cadence:                     167

Tuesday morning was cold and dark and I did not make the run. Instead, I got out at night and managed a 10km run.

Wednesday 12th December

Resting Heart Rate:          56

Heart Rate Variability:    87

Run:                                       15.1km

Avg Pace:                             5:50/km

Avg HR:                               140bpm

Avg Cadence:                     172

Wednesday was Namban Rengo night. Instead of doing the intervals at the track, myself and Bob J did 7 laps of Yoyogi Park. On 5 of the laps, we did Mike Trees’ bounding exercises. I think that they were quite effective.

Thursday 13th December

Resting Heart Rate:          XX

Heart Rate Variability:    XX

Run:                                       5.3km

Avg Pace:                             6:11/km

Avg HR:                               132bpm

Avg Cadence:                     170


I was meeting my colleague from England, Martin, on Thursday night so I dragged myself around the neighbourhood early in the morning to get my run done. I could not get the ithlete app on my phone to sync with my chest strap so the data for that day is lost forever.

Friday 14th December

Resting Heart Rate:          56

Heart Rate Variability:    95

Run:                                       5.3km

Avg Pace:                             6:11/km

Avg HR:                               132bpm

Avg Cadence:                     170

Friday was another work Bonenkai so I was out plodding the pavement in the dark morning at 6:15.

Saturday 15th December

Resting Heart Rate:          60

Heart Rate Variability:    86

Run:                                       16.4km

Avg Pace:                             5:05/km

Avg HR:                               157bpm

Avg Cadence:                     180


Saturday was really busy. First I had to bring the car in for the regular test. Then I went to a Bikram Yoga class at 1pm. After that, I was out and running 3 laps around the Tokyo Imperial Palace. Then it was on to the Namban Rengo Bonenkai. It was late when I got home and later when I got to bed.


Sunday 16th December

Resting Heart Rate:          59

Heart Rate Variability:    80

Run:                                       22.2km

Avg Pace:                             140/km

Avg HR:                               140bpm

Avg Cadence:                     178

Sunday was just as busy. Up and out to do a 22km run from 9:30. Collect the car at 12:30. Wait for the fire test people to show up at 13:30. Head to Futakotamagawa to get some Christmas presents at 3:30pm. Back home to start packing and write this blog. It has been one very busy weekend.

Now I just have 3 working days left before we are off to Ireland for 2 weeks. Continuing the streak will be tough, but I will give it a lash.








Koga Hanamomo Marathon – 91 days to go

Week           3 ~ 9 December 2018

Runs:           7

Distance:    80km

This week turned out well for running although I was doing a fair bit of travelling. I headed to Hong Kong on Sunday and then moved on to Singapore on Tuesday. On Thursday evening I was on the way back to Tokyo again via Hong Kong. It was a terrible flight and I arrived in Tokyo feeling awful at 5am on Friday morning. Fortunately, I was able to take Friday off work and catch up on some sleep but I was still battling sleeplessness for the next 2 days and my HRV and RHR took a beating. It gradually started to return to a normal number on Sunday morning and I was able to feel better. I just need to get to bed early tonight to continue the process. I am 71 days into my running streak and I don’t want to mess things up.

Monday 3rd December

Resting Heart Rate:          64

Heart Rate Variability:    81

Run:                                       4.2km

Avg Pace:                             6:13/km

Avg HR:                                130bpm

Avg Cadence:                     172


I woke early in HK and headed straight out to Victoria Park for a quick run. It was not as busy as the night before and I enjoyed a good run. Then it was off to work to meet the team and enjoy some good veggie food.



Tuesday 4th December

Resting Heart Rate:          68

Heart Rate Variability:    67

Run:                                       20.5km

Avg Pace:                             5:50/km

Avg HR:                                158bpm

Avg Cadence:                     173


I left Hong Kong around lunchtime on Tuesday and headed to Singapore. My first stop was to meet James, a former colleague. We chatted for a while about old times and then it was good to catch up. I then took a taxi to the hotel and checked in and headed back out to do my run. I was enjoying running down the East Coast Park so much that I could not stop and I ended up doing 20km. I was actually feeling quite sore by the end. I put this down to the old shoes that I was wearing. I always bring old shoes on a business trip as I don’t mind throwing them away.

Wednesday 5th December

Resting Heart Rate:          84

Heart Rate Variability:    53

Run:                                       5.5km

Avg Pace:                             5:44/km

Avg HR:                                150bpm

Avg Cadence:                     169


On Wednesday it was straight into work. We wrapped up about 8pm at night and I took a short rest before heading out again and getting my run done. It was only a short run but  as my HRV was getting worse by the day I did not want to do too much.

Thursday 4th December

Resting Heart Rate:          64

Heart Rate Variability:    78

Run:                                       10km

Avg Pace:                             5:41/km

Avg HR:                                152bpm

Avg Cadence:                     177


Thursday saw a good increase in my HRV and I was out on the street again at 6am for the final run of my trip. I discovered a new route that I had not run before. It is called Gardens by The Bay East. It looks newly made and there is lots of space for running and cycling and great views. After catching up on some work in the hotel, I then headed to the office for a couple of more meetings before heading to the airport for the flight from hell. Singapore to Hong Kong was fine, but the follow up flight to Tokyo was terrible. The space between the seats was too small and I could not get any sleep at all.

Friday 7th December

Resting Heart Rate:          XX

Heart Rate Variability:    XX

Run:                                       12.4km

Avg Pace:                             5:46/km

Avg HR:                                140bpm

Avg Cadence:                     175


I arrived in Tokyo at 5am and got home around 6:30am. I did not take my HRV but I know that it was really bad and headed straight to bed. I slept until about noon and then got up to do some work before heading out for a short run along my Tamagawa. It was a relief after running in Hong Kong and Singapore where my average heart rate was in the 150s. Now it was barely 140. I went to the team year-end party that evening and felt very sleepy throughout. It was a great event and I am glad that I got back to Tokyo in time to attend.

Saturday 8th December

Resting Heart Rate:          61

Heart Rate Variability:    79

Run:                                       17.2km

Avg Pace:                             5:18/km

Avg HR:                                147bpm

Avg Cadence:                     178


I had hoped to be up in time to go to the Hill Repeats on Saturday but I was just too tired and slept in until 9:30am. After breakfast, I headed off to a Bikram Yoga class. As I will be going to Ireland in a week, I will not have time to go much this month so I am trying to get in a few classes on the weekend. After the yoga, I headed up to the palace for 3 laps. It was a good run but the place was crowded and I had to slow down to walking speed some of the time. The run went well and I enjoyed the late afternoon sun before heading off for a falafel and a drink with Bob and Naoko.

Sunday 9th December

Resting Heart Rate:          58

Heart Rate Variability:    88

Run:                                       10.3km

Avg Pace:                             5:35/km

Avg HR:                                142bpm

Avg Cadence:                     175



I was still tired on Sunday morning but my HRV was headed back in the right direction. I slept in again and then headed back to Bikram Yoga for another class. I felt slightly better than Saturday. Sometimes the second class is good even though you are feeling sore. I then went home for a nice easy 10km along the Tamagawa river again to wrap up the 7 days of running this week and 80km.