Saturday 3-Oct-2020 (not) Park Run – Swim


RHR      50
HRV      101
Weight   87.8kg
Run      5 km in 21:20


Swim    2,000 m in 0:51:38

I was very tired on Friday and decided to take a rest day. I worked in the morning and then took the afternoon off as I had to go into town to the bank. Afterwards, we went and had lunch and coffee and did some shopping. By the time to go home, I was as tired as if I had run10 km. Things are funny that way. I can go out and run or cycle all day but walk me around a shop for 20 minutes and I am exhausted.

This morning I woke up on a Saturday for the first time in a while without having drunk on the Friday. It was a nice feeling and my Resting Heart Rate, HRV and weight have responded positively. I hope that it will continue. I was looking forward to (not) Park Run in my new condition and I was joined at Starbucks in Futakotamagawa at 7:30 AM by Mason, Andrew and Nick. Nick was the man in form after running 19:11 for a 5 km at the track on Tuesday night.

Again we started separately. First Mason, then me and finally Nick and Andrew. I was not sure if they were going to run together or separately but I knew that I would see them over the course. I started off, as usual, with my eyes to the front, trying to control my breathing and trying not to look at my watch. The first 1 km is straight up to the small bridge and it is rather hard as you can see everything for the first 900 m. I got to the 1 km point in 4:04, which was 4 seconds quicker than last week. I took a look over my left shoulder and I could see Mason but not Nick or Andrew. Normally, Andrew is normally getting close to me after the first km so I took this as a good sign.

I swung round by the small pond and, to my joy, I saw that all the wild grass had been cut. Last week it virtually elephant grass and I really had to pond my way through it. Today was much easier and there were no rugby boys to avoid as well. I got back to the path in good shape and headed for the 2km point which I reached in 4:18, 11 seconds faster than last week. I pushed on around the corner looking back to see Nick and Andrew gaining on me.

The third km is a big loop and I was able to keep a steady pace through it. There was no water on the ground and although it was getting hotter, I was not parched. I got back on the home stretch, still not caught, and completed the 3rd km in 4:15. I could start to hear somebody gaining on me. At 3:26 km Nick went flying past and at 3:67 km Andrew passed me. I was still on a steady pace and ran the 4th km in 4:18.

Then it was back over the little bridge and onto the final 900 m stretch to the end. I was beginning to flag but I tried to push on finishing the last km in 4:21. My total time was 43 seconds faster than last week. Andrew came in at 20:17, another big improvement, and Nick went under 20 minutes to run the 5km course in 19:51. Mason is making solid progress and ran the course in under 25 minutes.

After coffee in Starbucks I headed home for a rest and some lunch. I still had a swim to do. I headed back out at 1:30 PM to go to the pool. Again I was lucky and the pool was fairly empty and I had a lane to myself for most of the time. I think that I was benefitting from the rest day on Friday and I swam better than I had before. I completed the first 1,000 m in 24:13 which is at a pace of 2:25/100 m. My previous best 1,000 m was 24:55 so that was a good time for me. I continued but the second 1,000 m was more of a slog and I finished it in 27:25. I was still very happy as it was my best 2,000 m swim.

Tomorrow, I am back on the bike, meeting Mark, and maybe Paddy, to cycle over the Onekan a couple of times. It promises to be a cloudy day and not too hot so hopefully we can enjoy the hills.

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