Thursday 1-Oct-2020 Morning Run


RHR      62
HRV      77
Weight   88.2 kg
Run      11 km @ 4:50 pace

Today is the first day of no-drink October. It was Paddy’s idea and Chad, Phil and myself said that we would support him on his journey. What the hell were we thinking! The day started with a hard morning run. I met Paddy at Marukobashi at 6:30 AM and we headed off up the river on the Tokyo side before switching over at Futakotamagawa. We were going much faster than we had in the past – 5:24, 4:58, 4:51, 4:50, 4:49, 4:50, 4:37, 4:41, 4:52, 4:38, 4:38 per km. I was surprised that I was able to keep up since I had ran hard on Wednesday. Well, I kept up until the 10th km when Paddy took off to do his 1 hard km. I was very pleased that I could run two hard runs on consecutive days and not get injured and I saw my VO2max increase again to 59. I will not run on Friday and try and recover a bit before (not) Park Run on Saturday.


Now I am stuck drinking no-alcohol beer in the evenings. It is not great, but Ichi from Kirin is probably the best one in Japan.

Ichi No-Alcohol Beer

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