Wednesday 30-Sep-2020 Bike Run


RHR      66
HRV      73
Weight   88.2kg
Cycle    52.5 km in 1:53 (27.7 km/h)


Run     10.3 km @ 4:42/km pace

I did not get up at 5 AM as I had hoped but I did get up at 5:40 AM so I was out of the house on my bike at 6:30 AM. The plan was to go for a cycle of at least 40 km so that I could get my monthly distance up to 800 km. I went down to the Tamagawa and then headed upstream. Although I was cycling against the wind, I make good progress and averaged over 25 km/hr. The path was fairly empty and I did not have to stop or slow down too much. Once I got to Kasenjiki Park and turned around, I had the wind at my back and really flew. It was not long before I was clocking 35 km/hr and fortunately the path remained clear and I got home in no time.

The Tamagawa at Inada Park

I was at my desk by 9 AM and worked for an hour before the first US Presidential debate came on. I continued to work (sort of) while I watched it until Larry called me and wanted to prep for a meeting. I was very happy that he had called as it was the worst thing ever to watch. I was glad that Biden had stood up and gave as much as he got but it was a terrible spectacle and we learned nothing.

After our call finished I went out for a run. Even though I had cycled in the morning I still felt fresh and managed to run at a good pace – 4:59, 4:48, 4:48, 4:33, 4:34, 4:32, 4:50, 4:38, 4:36, 4:36, 4:41. I was very pleased that I was able to maintain the pace until the end. I stopped at 7.7 km and gulped down a bottle of sports drink. It was a hot day and I was parched. The rest of the day I spent working and finally finished just after 8 PM.

Overall I was very pleased with my performance in September and hope I can do something similar next month.

1-Sep-20 90.0kg
30-Sep-20 88.2kg

Run 168km
Bike 818km
Swim 17.1km

Total Time 55:21

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