Tuesday 29-Sep-2020 Run-Swim


RHR      56
HRV      84
Weight   88.8kg


Run     11.5km @5:25/km pace


Swim    1,500 m in 0:38:59

Today worked out well in the end. I was really tired on Monday and could not do anything. On Tuesday morning Paddy and I had half-promised to meet each other on the Tamagawa around 6:30 AM but I could not get up again. Finally, on the 3rd attempt, I got out at lunchtime today and ran 11.5 km along the Tamagawa. It was a nice run and did not take a lot of me and I was glad that I got it done. Once, I finished work at 6:30 PM, I headed out to the local pool for my last swim of the month. Again, the pool was almost empty and I swam 1,500 m without too much hassle to bring my monthly total to 17.1 km, my best yet.

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