Saturday 26-Sep-2020 Post Birthday Party Hangover


RHR      83
HRV      51
Weight   89.5kg
Run      5km in 0:22:03


Swim     2,500m in 1:05:51
HRV in a bad place

I woke up this morning, blues all around my bed. Well, not really but I did have a hangover. It was daughter #2’s 18th birthday on Friday and I celebrated by not doing any exercise and drinking too much wine and beer. There were several times on Friday when I thought that I would go for a run, or a swim or a cycle, but I kept putting it off and finally decided that I would take it easy and give the 5km on Saturday morning a good go. Of course, that meant I was at idle at home on Friday evening and not in great shape on Saturday morning.

At least Kim had the decency to cancel this morning at the last minute, but Andrew showed no such integrity. He had messaged me on Friday saying that he would contact me on Saturday morning if he was going to make the 5km. I had not heard from him by 7 AM so I sent him a text saying I guess he was not coming, just in case. But the bastard was up and on his way and I had no choice but to drag myself out of bed, get something to eat and head over to Futakotamagawa for our weekly duel.

I got to the Futakotamagawa Starbucks just before 8 AM. Andrew was already there, looking lean and mean. Well, lean and warm and friendly. We headed down to the start and like last week, decided that I would go first and Andrew would start 30 or 40 seconds after. I was not feeling good. I was sick and tired and afraid of being found out. I counted down from 10, took a deep breath and headed off. The morning was wet and miserable and there were only dog walkers and a few runners about. I took up my position in the centre of the path, something we are not allowed to do during real Park Run, kept my eyes forward and refused to look at my watch.

It was hard work. I could feel my heart beating and my lungs hurting. When I got to the 1km point at the small bridge I was pleased to see that I had ran it in 4:08 and that Andrew was not too close. I swung around onto the rough path by the pond and headed to the 246. This part was initially not too bad as the grass had been cut. However, it did not last too long and soon I was running through elephant grass that was wet and went up to my knees. There was a bunch of men having a rugby practice under the 246 and I had to take the turn wide so that I would not run into them. The second part of rough path was also overgrown with grass and I could not make out the route and almost ended up making a mistake.

Once that part was over, I was back on the hard surface and heading to the 2km marker and another turn. I completed the second km in 4:29. It was hard due to the long grass but I was glad that I had done it and now had to keep my head down and try ahead of Andrew. I took a sneaky look just as I rounded the corner and saw that he had gotten a lot closer and that his running form was good. That is something I also noticed from the photo that Roger took last week. Andrew’s forearms were vertical on front of him while mine were swinging wildly from side to side. I must remember to work on that.

The third km of Park Run is a big loop that gives you ample opportunity to see people getting close on you. Just before I reached the 3km point, Andrew came past me. It was at an earlier point in the course than last week so he was clearly running faster. I finished it in 4:26 and put my head down and headed for the home straight. The fourth km went by in 4:27 and soon I was on the long 800 m final stretch. It is terrible to be able to see the end from so far back and I count off the signs as I so by then – 650 m, 500 m, 250 m, 100 m. I ran as hard as I could but could only complete the final km 4:30. Still I was very pleased to improve my time by 9 seconds on last week.

After coffee and cake at Starbucks, we both cycled off into the rain. Fortunately I only have a 5km cycle home and I was back home, showered and back in bed in 30 minutes. I slept for an hour. I got up sometime after 11 AM and made a half hearted attempt to help hanging up the laundry which Akiko was already well into. I had some pumpkin soup and baguette for lunch and forced myself out the door for the second time today and headed to the swimming pool.

The plan was not to swim more than 1,500m but the pool was fairly empty and I had a lane to myself for the whole time so I just kept going. When I got to 1,500m, 60 lengths, I convinced myself that I could get to 80 lengths. When I got to 80 lengths, which was 53 minutes, I convinced myself that 1 hour was within reach and when I got to 1 hour, I convinced myself that 2.5km was only 6 minutes away. I am very gullible and believed myself each time.

Tonight was are having a second birthday for Daughter #2 and are going to TY Harbor. I am planning to do a long cycle with Alan tomorrow, back up Tominnomori, so I hope that we do not stay out too late and I do not enjoy the delicious craft beer too much.

Spot the new shoes. They don’t look so new anymore.

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