Thursday 24-Sep-2020 Run Swim


RHR      51
HRV      98
Weight   90.0kg
Run      18km @ 5:40/km pace


Swim 1,500m in 0:41:06


Somehow I managed to get up early and my Resting Heart and HRV were in very good places. After a bowl of oatmeal, (Yes Oatmeal!) I headed out for my run in the cool morning air. The weather has changed so much in the last 2 weeks and it is delightful. My right heel had been hurting up until Wednesday morning so I did not want to take any chances with it. I ran nice and easily but I still did not feel great. For the first 5.5km I was listening to The Daily, the Podcast by The New York Times, and it quite upset me. I realize that I know far too much about American politics and I need to dial it back a bit. I don’t wish to offend anybody but the whole situation is crazy.

When the episode of The Daily finished, I stopped and changed to music and put on Bob Dylan’s latest album Rough And Rowdy Ways. My mood and pace improved immediately and I started running down to Gasubashi feeling much lighter. I did not think that I could run so far when I left the house but I gradually felt better and better.

At Gasubashi, which is just 9km from my house, I turned around and got the full force of the headwind in my face. I realized why I had been feeling better. A typhoon had moved through Tokyo during the night and the ground was still wet. The worst of it had gone but there was still some wind around and I only now noticed that I had been running with it for the first half of my run. I was surprised to see that my pace did not drop when I was running into the wind and I made it back home 20 minutes before my first call.

Work finished at 6:30 PM and I went to the pool to swim a few laps. My heart was not in it and I almost did not go. Finally, I convinced myself that I was too close to my monthly swimming record and managed to get out of the house and swim 1,500m. My record for a month is 16,650m which I swam in July. But I was not running in July and that really takes it out of me. I am now at 140km of running and 13,100 of swimming for September, with similar amount of cycling and 6 days remaining. I hope that I can have a good weekend and bring my total time for the month to 55 hours and my swimming to 17,000 meters.

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