Tuesday 22-Sep-2020 Long Cycle


RHR      58
HRV      83
Weight   89.7
Cycle    132km in 5 hours 3 minutes

Today was a nice day for cycling. Cool and dry with a hint of sun. I met Paddy and Chad at the Giant Store in Futakotamagawa at 7 AM. Before we could leave I had to place a tube in my back wheel. I had been very pleased with myself filling it up with sealant on Sunday and fixing the slow puncture, but as soon as I pumped it up this morning, I could hear the hissing again. I cycled it over to the Giant Store to get the expert opinion of Paddy and Chad and I was promptly told to put a tube in it. Paddy took the lead and did most of the work to get it in. I did, however, manage to use the CO2 canister correctly this time and we were on the road shortly after 7:15 AM.

Giant Store Futakotamagawa

The plan was to go up the Tamagawa River, the same as we had 3 weeks earlier when we went to David’s place in Mitake but take a left at Haijima for Itsukaichi. The route along the river was not too crowded at that hour of the morning but there were a few people out walking, running and cycling. As we had done the route recently, I remembered it and it did not feel too far. Just before we got to Haijima, we had to dismount again as the path was still blocked from last year’s typhoon. We walked up to the road and cycled through a housing estate and ended up on the main road to Itsukaichi.

The main road was wide and there was plenty of room to cycle, but it was not as nice as cycling along the river. We made our first stop for water at 40km at a convenience store. This was an indication of how cool the weather was getting. Up until a few weeks ago, we would not cycle 20km without stopping for a drink of water. We got through Itsukaichi and headed for Hinohara and soon we were on our first Strava segment of the day. It was just 6km with an average of 1% gradient, so it was not bad except for the traffic.

Once we got to Hinohara we swung left and started another Strava segment. This one was 8.5km with a 2% average gradient. This was the road up to Tominnomori that I had riden in May. We knew that we did not have enough time to go all the way up but we had enough time for this segment. The road was lovely and undulating with lots of green on both sides. We continue to 10 AM, stopped for a photo and then turned around and headed home. The ride down was long and fantastic.

On the road to Tominnomori

But we had one more stop to make. A couple of months back, Steve T. had shown be a not so secret tofu donut shop just outside of Hinohara and I convinced Paddy and Chad that we should go there on the way home. Actually, they did not need too much convincing. There was a long queue of people when we arrived and it took about 10 minutes to get serverd as they ran out of donuts as I reached the top of the line. But it was well worth it.

After our feast of deep fried tofu we headed the 600 meters (yes, Chad 600m. Almost 1km) back to Hinohara and took a left turn and went back towards Itsukaichi. There was a lot more traffic on the road, and a lot more cyclists. We came upon group after group of them. Obviously the September long weekend was a good time for cycling.

The road from Itsukaichi to Haijima was a lot less pleasant than it had been on the way out. There was heavy traffic and several cars and vans tried to block our path from time to time, so Chad took us up on the footpath to avoid them. Then we were back on the path along the Tamagawa River which was also a lot busier than it had been at 7 this morning. We switched to the Kawasaki side hoping that it would be less crowded. We were somewhat successful.

We said goodbye to Paddy in Futakoshinchi as he stopped for water. Futakoshinchi is only 3km from my house so I was practically home anyway. Later we learned that Paddy had had a puncture shortly after he left the water fountain and we felt bad for not being there to help him. Well I did. I can’t speak for Chad.

I got home just after 1 PM with notions of going swimming sometime in the afternoon, but after lunch, hanging up the laundry and a nap I was not so enthusiastic so I just settled down to write this blog.

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