Monday 21-Sep-2020 Long Run


RHR      54
HRV      99
Weight   89.6kg
Run      22.2km


Swim     1,500m in 0:40:39

My Resting Heart Rate and HRV were in good shape this morning for the second day in a row and I decided to go for a long run in my new Adidas shoes. Monday and Tuesday are National Holidays in Japan so I could take my sweet time getting ready and I finally got out of the house around 10 AM. My right heel was sore since yesterday and I am still worried about my left knee, so while I wanted to run long, I did not want to damage either of them any more. I started out at around 5:40/km and headed down towards the Tamagawa river and Tamagawa Ohashi.

It is 2.7km to the river and a further 8.3km to Tamagawa Ohashi. There 4 or 5 traffic lights before I get to the river, but once I get there it is all clear up and down. I ran down to Tamagawa Ohashi without stopping and did not feel too bad. At the turn-around point I had a couple of bottles of sports drinks and headed back up the river. I was pleased that I could run the 8.3km to the turn-off point without stopping, even if I was keeping my pace and my heart rate low.

I got home just after 12:30 PM and decided that I would have lunch and then head to the pool. However, after lunch I felt that I short nap could not go wrong and I lay down on the bed. I woke 2 hours later feeling very rested. I headed to the pool and swam an easy 1,500m as I was in the lane that you had to change after each 25 meter length. I also forgot to start my watch at the start and swam the first 1,000m untimed. I did not feel too bad about it and headed home to plan my long ride with Paddy and Chad on Tuesday.

Tamagawa Ohashi

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