Sunday 20-Sep-2020 Back On The Bike


RHR      54
HRV      97
Weight   89.2kg
Cycle    63km in 2 hours 30 Minutes 

This morning I woke to a great Resting Heart Rate and a great HRV. And a crappy bike. It took me two hours to get out the door but I cannot blame everything on the bike. I have to admit that a lot of the problems were caused by the user. I pumped my back wheel and it seemed to be find. Then, I pumped my front wheel. While removing the pump, I heard a sudden hissing sound so I assumed that it was coming from the front wheel. I removed it to take it into the bathroom to see where the sound was coming from. Unfortunately, as soon as I stepped away from the bike, the hissing stopped and I realized that I had removed the wrong wheel.

I decided that there was nothing for it but to add more sealant to the back wheel so I got my new Park Tool Valve Core Remover and removed, well, the valve core. I must remember to let the air out before I do this next time as the sudden release of pressure could have taken my eye out. I then took my small container of sealant and emptied it into the valve, remembered to turn the wheel so that the valve would be at the top and went to get my CO2 canister. This held further challenges and it took a few minutes before I figured out which end to attach to the valve and how to release the CO2 gas. Of course, I did not release all the gas and had to finish it off with the tracker pump. But, it worked and I was very proud of myself.

However, it had taken till 9 AM and I still had not worked out my route to Minatogaoka Futo Park. I entered it in RideWithGPS and then sent it to my Wahoo device. I was in a rush and did not check that it had synced and when I got outside, I found out that it had not so I spent 15 minutes messing with stuff and eventually got going at 9:35 AM. I headed down to Marukobashi Bridge and entered my destination directly into the Wahoo device and followed the prescribed route through every tiny road of Ota ku until I realized that I had disabled my heart rate monitor. I stopped the ride on Wahoo, re-enabled by HRM and re-entered the route. It was going to be a long day.

I got to Minatogaoka Futo Park just before 11 AM, drank a can of coffee, cursed myself for being so late and headed off for a couple of laps of the course. The laps are just 11.75km. I did the first one in 24:07 and the second one in 24:16. The place was fairly deserted and I could not get my heart rate up. I had an appointment to meet a friend in Shibuya at 3 PM so I could not hang around for a 3rd lap and headed home by more tiny roads which killed my average pace. I met Pete in the new Miyashita Park and we chatted about old times. As we were leaving, we passed by the new Adidas store where they were having a sale and I dropped in and got a new pair of running shoes and T-Shirt. The day turned out well after all.

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