Week 6 Training Ohtawara Marathon 2016

It is hard to believe that Week 6 of my training has come and gone. That means that I have completed the first 1/3 and there are 12 weeks remaining. Sometimes I feel that I have not gotten started and other times I feel that I have been doing this forever. Week 6 was a difficult week in that I got slightly injured and I was not able to complete all the planned workouts. We had to judge them on a day by day basis and reduce  the intensity for the second half of the week. I am now hoping that I have avoided a big injury and that I can get back to normal training soon. On the good news front, Harrisson has been helping me with my diet and I have seen my weight begin to drop again. Now if I can stay away from the vending machine in work, it might continue like this for a few more weeks.

Week Total

  • Number of runs: 5
  • Distance: 57km
  • Time: 5 hours 43 mins

Week 6

Monday 22nd August

  • RHR: 50
  • HRV: 72
  • Weight: 84.6

Again Monday was a rest day but I did not have the energy to do anything when I got home from work so I just rested. It felt good.

Tuesday 23rd August

  • RHR: 52
  • HRV: 74
  • Weight: 84.7
  • Run: Easy
  • Distance: 8.3km
  • Time: 47:32
  • Average Heart Rate: 143
  • Average Cadence: 180

Tuesday was an easy run and as I had an appointment that evening, I got out early and did it before work. As the temperature has started to get cooler in Japan, there are a lot more people out early in the mornings exercising. Not as many as Hanoi at 6am on a Saturday, but still quite a few. I was pleased to keep my cadence high, even if my heart rate did drift above 140.

Wednesday 24th August

  • RHR: 50
  • HRV: 75
  • Weight: 84.5
  • Run: Hard Intervals (400, 800, 1200, 1200, 800, 400, 400, 400, 400)
  • Distance: 13.3km
  • Time: 1:18:42

This was a very hard workout:

  • 400, 800,1200, 1200, 800, 400 x 4 (total 6000m of work)
    • 400m @ 3:45 pace, 45s rest (Actual 1:29 => 3:42)
    • 800m @ 3:45 pace, 3min rest (Actual 3:o3 => 3:48)
    • 1200m @ 3:50 ~ 3:55 pace, 3min rest (Actual 4:38 => 3:51)
    • 1200m @ 3:50 ~ 3:55 pace, 3min rest (Actual 4:45 => 3:57)
    • 800m @ 3:45 pace, 90s rest (Actual 3:06 => 3:52)
    • 400m @ 3:45 pace, 3min rest (Actual 1:31 => 3:47)
    • 3 x 400m @ 3:45 pace with 45s of rest between each rep (Actual 1:32/1:31/1:37 => 3:50/3:47/4:02)

I managed to keep the pace close to the desired value for the half of the workout but it started to drift again in the second half. I nearly got the pace back up for the first of the three 400ms but as I was ramping up my cadence at the end of the second 400m, I felt a little twinge in my right hamstring. I knew it was no good but I still managed to finish that interval a little faster than the first one. As I was gasping for air beside the track during my 45 second rest, I evaluated the situation. I knew that I would not be able to run that hard for the last interval and I considered stopping the workout there. In the end, I just ran it slower, finishing 6 seconds down on the second interval.

When I got home I texted Harrisson and we decided to take a complete rest on Thursday and see how things were on Friday.

Thursday 25th August

  • RHR: 52
  • HRV: 65
  • Weight: 83.9kg

I had planned to run the Rainbow Bridge with some friends, but as my leg was still sore I just rested.

Friday 26th August

  • RHR: 50
  • HRV: 76
  • Weight: 84.4
  • Run: Easy
  • Distance: 8.3km
  • Time: 51:13
  • Average Heart Rate: 137
  • Average Cadence: 166

I went out before work on Friday morning and tested my leg with the same easy run I had done on Tuesday. There was still some pain there but not enough to make me stop. I went home and reported the situation to Harrisson. We decided not to do anything hard and test it again on Saturday.

Saturday 27th August

  • RHR: 48
  • HRV: 72
  • Weight: 83.7
  • Run: Easy
  • Distance: 12.4km
  • Time: 1:15:43
  • Average Heart Rate: 138
  • Average Cadence: 170


On Saturday I was bringing the boy to his first competitive rugby match so I got out early and gave the leg another test by increasing the distance to 12km. My leg was not perfect but it was clearly better than Friday and I took that as a good sign. Harrisson suggested to do 60~90 at MAF with some strides (if there is no soreness) on Sunday and I headed off to a day of standing around in the rain watching 12 year olds trying to get hold of a rugby ball.

Sunday 27th August

  • RHR: 44
  • HRV: 76
  • Weight: 83.6
  • Run: MAF w/ 6 x 15 seconds strides
  • Distance: 14.8km
  • Time: 1:30:25
  • Average Heart Rate: 133
  • Average Cadence: 173

I went out at 8am for the third test of the leg (And I apologise if you are bored hearing about this. I will try to write less about it next week. I really don’t have much else to write about this week.) and it passed. While I was running at MAF I had no pain but when I did the strides at the end I could feel it. Not enough to make me stop, but I knew that it was there. The good news is that I was able to run at MAF for the whole of the run, probably because the temperature has decreased in Tokyo, and I was able to maintain a fair cadence as well.

Hopefully next week things will continue to improve and I will have something else to write about.


10 thoughts on “Week 6 Training Ohtawara Marathon 2016

  1. Despite that niggle, it is a good week of training. Good that you caught that up and you’re disciplined enough to stop !
    It doesnt sound like a serious thing, just a mild inflamation.
    Do not ice it though, bad idea because icing creates vasoconstriction, numbs the injury and delays repair.
    Let’s watch that carefully.
    And dont worry, as runners we all know the “testing” obsession 😉

  2. You were worried about vasoconstriction, weren’t you?
    Well, you knew I was going to say this, but be even more careful than you are already being careful. You say, Oh it’s probably just a little niggle, and then bang, you’re out for two months. “It’s a little sore, but I can run” and then guess what? you can’t run. Do not run on it if you feel soreness!! And no vending machines!

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