Week 4 Training Ohtawara Marathon 2016

This was my first week back at work after my vacation and it went as well as can be expected. I managed to get in 6 runs and a couple of key workouts so I consider it a success. It was also very nice to meet up with Harrisson again and get some specific instructions.

Week Total

  • Number of runs: 6
  • Distance: 80km
  • Time: 8 hours 33 mins

Monday 8th August

  • RHR: 49
  • HRV: 79
  • Weight: 84.9

Monday was a rest day and just as well. I was being to feel tired from all the traveling and the hard repetitions on Sunday.

Tuesday 9th August

  • RHR: 59
  • HRV:53
  • Weight: 86kg
  • Run: Easy
  • Distance: 8.4km
  • Time: 49 mins
  • Average Heart Rate: 136
  • Average Cadence: 171

On Tuesday morning I woke with a shock to see my HRV plummet and my Resting Heart Rate shoot up. My weight was inexplicably up as well. I put it all down to getting over travelling and dragged myself out of bed for a slow 8km before work.

Wednesday 10th August

  • RHR: 56
  • HRV:67
  • Weight: 85.6kg
  • Run: Hard Intervals
  • Distance: 12km
  • Time: 1 hour 22 mins
  • Average Heart Rate: 141
  • Average Cadence: 139

Wednesday my HRV, if not my Resting Heart Rate, was back to approaching normal but I was feeling very tired in my legs. I had the hard intervals that night around the Gaien Oval and right up to the point when I started I was wondering if I could do them. I thought that I might quit and try again the next day. Although I did not get to see Harrisson there as he had to work late, I did run into Yukiko, fresh back from Norway, right after I had completed my first set and I knew that there was no way I could quit. The plan called for 800m @ 3:52 pace or faster (3:05 total time), 45s rest, 400m @ 3:45 (90s total time), 3min active rest. Repeat 3 more times. I was able to manage the first 3 sets OK but after that I started to drift and by the end I was worn out and I limped back to the gym to clean up.

Thursday 11th August

  • RHR: 50
  • HRV:73
  • Weight: 84.8kg
  • Run: 10km Easy with 6×15 sec strides
  • Distance: 10.3km
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Average Heart Rate: 134
  • Average Cadence: 168

Although I had had a hard session on Wednesday night, I had a good rest afterwards and my RHV and RHR were back to normal. Thursday was a National Holiday in Japan and I was able to rest during the day before going out for my run at 6pm. It was a nice easy run along the Tamagawa and I had a few strides on the way home.

Friday 12th August

  • RHR: 48
  • HRV: 78
  • Weight: 85.1kg
  • Run: Easy
  • Distance: 8.4km
  • Time:  51 mins
  • Average Heart Rate: 171
  • Average Cadence: 163

Friday was supposed to be a nice and easy run after work over Rainbow Bridge. However it did not turn out that way. I guess that I was eating too much in the afternoon and from the start I was feeling sick and a little dizzy. At the half way point I stopped for a sports drink and began to feel a little better. I slowly made my way back to the Minato Ku Sports Centre thankful that it was not worse.

Saturday 13th August

  • RHR: 49
  • HRV:77
  • Weight: 84.7kg
  • Run: Hill Repeats
  • Distance: 12.7km
  • Time:  1 hour 40 mins


On Saturday morning I had arranged to meet Harrisson at the Akasaka Palace for the hard hill repeats. I had told him that I would meet him at 8am but I slept in until 6:45am so I did not get there until 9:30am. Actually sleeping in was not entirely unintentional. As I had not been feeling well on Friday night I decided to sleep for as long as I could, assuming that I would wake at 6am. The extra 45 mins were very welcome.



The plan was for hill repetitions (8x60s) except that you will start each rep with a 90s isometric squats for the first 4 reps, and 60s for the last 4. It was murder. I believe that the idea is to build up lattice acid in the legs with the squat and then practice running in that condition. It is very hard to run after a squat as I had discovered last week and much harder to run up a hill. My squats were terrible but fortunately Harrisson was there to help me out and take photos and videos. Eventually was able to do one half decently.

Sunday 14th August

  • RHR: 56
  • HRV: 66
  • Weight: 84.8kg
  • Run: MAF (sort of)
  • Distance: 28.1 km
  • Time:  2 hours 48 mins
  • Average Heart Rate: 138
  • Average Cadence: 169

The view from Fuji TV 24th Floor

The plan for today was to get up at 6am, do my 3 hour run and then bring the boy to Odaiba where Fuji TV was having an event with all his favourite anime, Dragon Ball and One Piece. Unfortunately I did not get enough sleep so when I woke at 7:30am it was already too late to start my run and even if I had we would be too late getting to Odaiba. I decided to swap things round and head to Odaiba first, take a nap in the afternoon and then head out for my long run around 6pm. The back up plan worked but I did far too much working around Odaiba and standing in queues. It can’t be helped and I put a brave face on it (I hope) and the boy enjoyed himself.

Today’s run was 22km to 28km at MAF. Harrisson told me not to worry about completing the full 28km as I may be sore from the previous day but as I had missed the last 2 long runs I wanted to get one under my belt. As I was quite tired, I decided that I would just take it 1km at a time and try to get through it. If I felt sick or sore I would head back. As I was running MAF, the pace was not too bad. I just tried to keep my view at 25m in front of me and my cadence as close to 170 as possible. It all worked well and I made it to the turn around point without stopping for a drink. There I had 500ml of water and headed back. I stopped 3 times on the way back and only drank water. I was quite happy about that.


4 thoughts on “Week 4 Training Ohtawara Marathon 2016

  1. Very good on the long run, this is exactly how I wanted you to approach the workout, one km at a time and ready to back off if necessary.
    Good week !!

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