Ohtawara Marathon 2016 Base Training Week 10

Week 10 is the end of my base training and my transition into marathon specific training. I think that the base training went very well and I averaged 77km per week over the 1o weeks and managed to get my long run up to 30km even though it was quite hot. The final week went very well so I feel quite good going into the main training. By well I mean that I had a good assortment of runs. Intervals on Wednesday, Hills and weights on Saturday and a long run divided in 2 on Sunday. It does not get much better than that.

Week Total

  • Number of runs: 6
  • Distance:  93.6km
  • Time:     8 hours 46 minutes

Base Training Summary

Base Training Summary

Base Training 10 Week Summary

Monday 11th July

  • RHR : 47
  • HRV: 67
  • Weight: 83.1kg
  • Run: Aerobic with 8 x 15 sec strides
  • Distance: 15.1km
  • Time: 1:24:41
  • Average Heart Rate: NA  
  • Average Cadence: 174

On Monday night I managed to get home at a reasonable hour and get out for my 15km MAF run with strides. Well, it was supposed to be a MAF run but the battery of my heart rate monitor had died so I ran to feel and estimated that I ran at an average of 146 beats per minute. How did I estimate this? I have no idea. I guess that it is just a gift. Anyway I felt good not to be constrained by MAF and to be running to feel while trying to keep my cadence up.

Tuesday 12th July

  • RHR : 49
  • HRV: 65
  • Weight: 83.2kg


Tuesday night I had a real life event after work so I could not run. As I had ran the previous 3 days I felt fine and enjoyed the rest and the social atmosphere of a night out in Tokyo.

Wednesday 13th July

  • RHR : 51
  • HRV: 74
  • Weight: 84.1 kg
  • Run: Namban Intervals 2km, 3x1km, 2x500m (7:57/3:49/3:57/4:01/1:56/1:55)
  • Distance: 15.1km
  • Time: 1:16:50
  • Average Heart Rate: 161  
  • Average Cadence: 131

Wednesday I was back running intervals with Namban Rengo. It is always a great event and lots of people show up in Yoyogi Park. The intervals were quite challenging as the first one was 2km which is always tough. Still I managed to keep it under 8 mins and run the rest of the intervals at a respectable pace, although I could not keep the third 1km under 4 mins as I always try to do.

Thursday 14th July

  • RHR : 47
  • HRV: 78
  • Weight: 84kg

Thursday I had planned to do my usual 15km run but the heavens opened above me when I was walking home from my station and I got soaked. When I got home I took off my wet clothes and had a lie down with the full intention to go out and complete my run as soon as it stopped raining, as I new it would. Unfortunately by the time it stopped raining I was too sleepy and decided to knock it on the head until the next day.

Friday 15th July

  • RHR : 43
  • HRV: 72
  • Weight: 83.9kg
  • Run: Aerobic with 8 x 15 sec strides
  • Distance: 15.6km
  • Time: 1:26:07
  • Average Heart Rate: 144  
  • Average Cadence: 174

I had decided to get up at 5am on Friday and do the run that I had missed on Thursday night. Unfortunately, I woke before the alarm, assumed that I was too tired to run and turned it off and tried to go back to sleep. It didn’t work. I was still awake at 5:05 and decided to get up anyway and knock out 15km along the Tamagawa. It all went well and running along the Tamagawa early in the morning is absolutely magical. I ran to feel and enjoyed the experience immensely. As I had completed my run in the morning, I was free to go swimming in the evening and swam 1km before heading home in the evening.

Saturday 15th July

  • RHR : 44
  • HRV: 79
  • Weight: 83.7kg
  • Run: Namban Hill Repeats
  • Distance: 17.5km
  • Time: 1:56:15
  • Average Heart Rate: 139  
  • Average Cadence: 122
Namban Hill Repeats Jul 2016

Namban Rengo Saturday Morning Hill Repeats

Saturday morning is Namban Rengo Hill Repeats and for the second week in a row I made it out. Again I left my stuff in the gym in Shibuya before running over to Aoyama via 3 laps of the Gaien oval and completing the Hill Repeats.There was a good crowd out and although I struggled on many of the runs I felt that I did better than the previous week. After the run I ran straight back to Shibuya where I did my strength training before heading home and driving up to Nagano for the long weekend.

Sunday 16th July

  • RHR : 43
  • HRV: 68
  • Weight: 83.7kg
  • Run ①: Aerobic 
  • Distance: 12.2km
  • Time: 1:06:56
  • Average Heart Rate: 146  
  • Average Cadence: 176
  • Run ①: Aerobic
  • Distance: 18.2km
  • Time: 1:35:27
  • Average Heart Rate: 156  
  • Average Cadence: 179



Sunday was long run day and I planned to do 30km in Nagano. However, as I needed to mind the kids in the middle of the day I had to split my run into two with 12km in the morning and 18km in the evening. It worked out really well and I felt I was flying on the way home at night. I really enjoy running in the Nagano hills and do it every chance I get. I also really enjoy the big plate of vegetables that I can get every time I go there.



2 thoughts on “Ohtawara Marathon 2016 Base Training Week 10

  1. Another interesting post. Well worth waiting for.
    You seem to be doing everything right (IMHO).
    I met Bruce Fordyce ( look him up) on Sunday. He said that 10-12 weeks training is all that is needed ( presumably to run the Comrades). So you are pretty much starting your training at the right time to run a good Marathon.

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