Week 16: 12th ~ 18th October

Distance 52km

Time       4:18:35

And so another training program comes to an end. And for the first time in 2.5 years without getting sick, or injured or fearing the heat on race day. I have run 1140km since I started on 29th June including 6 good long runs and I am as ready as I ever will be. Tomorrow we fly to Paris and then onto Dublin on Wednesday and although I have 9 days left before the race, the chances of getting any running done are nil. So I have accepted my fate and decided to concentrate on recovery and relaxation and hopefully seeing myself in top form on the 26th Oct. I think that I need this as I have been rather busy getting ready to travel and have seen by HRV gradually decrease, not having gone about 80 for almost 2 weeks. I expect that it will drop again tomorrow and on Monday due to the travel and then start to increase from Tuesday. Well that is the plan anyway.

Although this week was shorter than previous weeks, I did get in 3 quality workouts. My philosophy for tapering, which I have learned from Coach Stan and others, is to try and peak rather than scale back on the intensity. I have never really managed this before but this time I feel that I kept the intensity at a good level while reducing the volume and I hope that it will pay dividends on race day.


HRV 66

RHR 48

Rest Day

I was tired after Sunday’s Long Run with 13km at Marathon Pace and welcomed the rest day. I was not expecting to see my HRV in the sixties but I expect that has as much to do with lack of sleep as it does to do with training.


HRV 74

RHR 40

Rest Day

ithlete Pro 13 Oct 2015

ithlete Pro 13 Oct 2015

I had planned to do a recovery run on Tuesday evening but my 40 bpm Resting Heart Rate surprised both myself and ithlete Pro and I was advised not to push it. When I got home in the evening I did not feel up to the easiest of recovery runs so I knocked it on the head and took a rest.


HRV 69

RHR 42

Tempo Intervals 3 x 2000m (8:00/8:00/7:56) w/ 400m recovery

Although my HRV and RHR had hardly improved despite two rest days I knew that time was running out on my last week’s training and that I needed to do something. Wednesday was also the last night that Oda Field would be available to the public for 6 months as the track will be resurfaced. I had wanted to go there for the Namban Rengo Interval Training but the timing did not work out for so I went down to the Tamagawa River to run my Tempo Intervals as prescribed by McMillan. When I ran these before, the program was 5 x 2000m but as we were getting close to the race this was changed to 3 x 2000m. As a result of this and the cooler weather, I was able to run them all faster averaging a pace of 4 min/km or less for each interval and making the last one my fastest.


HRV 67 

RHR 44

10km Recovery Run

Thursday was the third time this week that my HRV was in the sixties. Not a great sign but not surprising as I always need more time to recover after intervals. I went out and ran a 6 min pace for 10km to get in some recovery and I could feel the soreness in my legs from the previous night. I decided that I would have enough time to recovery before the race and that I should push on with the next 2 days as well.


HRV 73

RHR 49

10.3km Run at Marathon Pace

As the wife was going out, I did not have long for this run. I had considered doing another easy run but as soon as I started I felt good and began bouncing down the road. Pretty soon I was running at Marathon Pace and I decided that I would keep that up for as long as I could and see where it got me. As it turned out I managed to keep it up for the full 10km and I was back at the house in just over 46 minutes. That gave me a shot of confidence and I began to think again that I might be able to maintain that pace during the race.


HRV 73

RHR 49

19km FFLR (9km @4:57/ 10km @4:22)

Saturday was to be my last run. I had to go see a school for the boy on Saturday morning which meant leaving the house at 9am and as I still had to pack, I knew that if I did not get up early I would not make it. The plan was to get up at 5:50am and be out the door at 6am. Unfortunately I woke well before the alarm and spent the best part of 40 minutes lying in bed thinking of all the things that I needed to do before I left for Ireland so when 5:50am rolled around, I convinced myself that I needed more rest. Fortunately I was not able to go back to sleep so at 6:30pm I was on the street and heading for the Tamagawa.

The original plan was to run easy for 9km and then run at Marathon Pace for the last 10km but as I started late I knew that I would not be able to get back to the house on time if I did that. So after a 1 km warm up I increased the pace to 4:50 ~ 4:55 and ran up to Noborito without too much effort. Just before Noborito I upped the pace again to 4:20 ~ 4:25. I kept expecting to feel too tired to continue at this pace and to have to drop down a gear. But it never happened. The cool morning obviously contributed a lot and I was able to complete the Marathon Pace portion as planned. Another shot of confidence.

Now I am packed and ready to travel. The big challenge will be to keep my weight down while I am not training and to get plenty of sleep. I am 3kg lighter than I was when I ran the Koga marathon in 3:34 in March and hopefully that will have some benefit. I am really looking forward to meeting the other Namban Rengo runners in Dublin for the marathon and showing them around my city.


7 thoughts on “Week 16: 12th ~ 18th October

  1. The wednesday tempo run was very good, as was the sunday run. Have a good race. Don’t go out too fast and, you know, all that other good advice….

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