Week 15: 5th ~ 11th October

Distance 56.6km

Time       4:50:29

This week was not as good as the 2 previous weeks as I had to take care of a lot of real world events. Still, I did manage to get in a couple of good workouts and as I start to taper (or peak), I feel that I need to get in a bit more rest, and a lot of good food, before the big day. Next Sunday I head off to France with daughter #2 for 3 days before going to Ireland to prepare for the race. I don’t think that I will get too much running done for the last week so I really just have 6 days of training left.


HRV 71

RHR 49

Rest Day

I was rather tired after the 35km run on the previous Sunday and was glad of the rest day. Unfortunately, I did not get home early enough to get the rest that I wanted.


HRV 80

RHR 42

Rest Day

I had planned to run a recovery run on Tuesday but I was still tired and got home late again and took another rest day. I guess this is the way it goes. Some weeks you have the best part of 40km done by Tuesday evening and other weeks you have nothing in the bank.


HRV 67

RHR 46

Namban Intervals 6 x 1000m (3:49/3:44/3:42/3:43/3:44/3:45)

It was good to be back at my first Namban Intervals for 3 weeks. I had a yellow mark on ithlete in the morning but because the track is going to be closed down for 6 months from the 20 Oct, I wanted to get in my last workout before that happened. The good point is that I managed to get all the 1000m intervals under 3:50. The not-so-good point is that they took a lot of of me and I was suffering for the next few days. Still, it was great to be out with the club again and nobody fell and nobody got injured.


HRV 63

RHR 47

Rest Day

IMG_3197IMG_3198Thursday morning I went from a yellow mark to a red mark on ithlete. I had planned a Rest Day, but even if I did not, I would have taken one. It was a beautiful day in Tokyo and would have been great for a run, but cooler heads prevailed and I took it easy.


HRV 76

RHR 43

Rest Day

IMG_3201Friday I wanted to run but I had a Sobetsukai at work and could not make it out. Even though my HRV and Heart Rate had recovered, I was still feeling tired after Wednesday’s intervals so I probably would have not run too much anyway. Steve L. told me (many times) that interval training is not the best for marathon preparation. I may finally believe him, but the social aspect of the Namban workouts is hard for me to give up.


HRV 73

RHR 46

15km Easy

Saturday I was back on the Tamagawa for a 15km easy run. What do I mean by easy? Well, I am not quite sure. My pace was 5:45 and my average heart rate was 141. Surely, that means easy. Actually no, it doesn’t. I laboured through the whole run and was very glad when it was over.


HRV 74

RHR 45

Long Run (2015/10/11 1km WU/ 12km @ 4:51/ 13km @ 4:31 / 3.3km CD)

ithlete Pro 11 Oct 2015

I woke up on Sunday morning to find that my ithlete Pro account had been temporarily blocked. Actually, I had saw this on Saturday afternoon and had hoped that it would be resolved before my Long Run. It was not, and although I was still feeling crappy, I headed out the door at around 8:20am.

My plan was to warm up for 1km and then up the pace to just under 5 min/km. The course was to run from KitaMiKata to Marukobashi and then cross the Tamagawa and run up to Izumi-Tamagawa, cross back over the Tamagawa to Noborito and then down again to KitaMikata. McMillan called for running 10~13km at Goal Pace, which is 4:30, at the finish.

I ran well for the first leg down to Marukobashi, but when I crossed the river I noticed that the wind was against me and it became noticeably harder. Still I managed to keep the pace under 5 mins/km as I dodged the puddles on the Setagaya side of the Tamagawa. When I got to Futakotamagawa I went for marathon pace and upped the tempo to 4:30/km. Again it was tough and I found it hard going up the river. However, once I crossed it again and I had the wind at my back, things became a little bit more easy. Towards the end of the 13km at marathon pace I began to feel the strain and had to push myself to complete the distance. It left me wondering if I can run the full 42.2km at this pace, but I know that I must try.


4 thoughts on “Week 15: 5th ~ 11th October

  1. Once you get away from Japan and work and all the rest and move into tapering you will start feeling very strong. If you haven’t already done so now would be the time to start making a Race Plan. Good luck.

  2. Good run Sunday. Hey, that’s all you need.
    I’ve been eating those dark apples (I eat an apple every day) and they’re really good.

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