Week 10: August 31st ~ September 6th

Distance 77km

Time        7:00:27

Today I finished the 10th week of my 17 week training program and I thought I would take stock of where I was. I have run 700km but only 3 runs over 34km, one in July, one in August and one in September. Also due to the heat and getting sick a couple of weeks back I have not been able to do as much intensive workouts as I would have liked. On the plus side, the weather has started to cool down and I have 7 weeks to get in some quality workouts so all is not lost.


HRV 72

RHR 44

Travel Day – no running

I left Singapore on the night flight to Tokyo and as a result I did not manage to get any running done. Still after running the previous three days I was glad of the rest.




Rest Day

I woke on the plane as it was landing in Haneda so I was not able to take my HRV or RHR. I had hoped to get in a run after wok but with the lack of sleep I was just not up to it and decided to take a rest and give it a good bash on Wednesday.


HRV 82

RHR 45

Namban Intervals 6 x 1000m

ithlete Pro 2 Sep 2015

ithlete Pro 2 Sep 2015

With a rest day behind me and my HRV in the eighties, ithlete Pro was telling me that I was ready for an intensive workout and intervals. Unfortunately the weather in Tokyo returned to being hot and humid and I was duly affected. I started off with a 4km gentle warm up in Yoyogi Park before heading over to Oda Field for the intervals. Jay was a little late so I led our group. That just entails calling out the time to start each interval but I always find that leading gives me a bit of a boost. Today, this was not the case. Although I did OK in the first interval, I quickly got slower after that and found it quite a slog and I was delighted to finish it with my times at 3:40, 3:48, 3:50, 3:54, 3:52 and 3:54.

Afterwards, Harrisson led us in some strength workout and proved to me again that I really have no balance. It was not as physically tough as the abdominal exercises that Bob normally does, but I found the coordination and the balance very difficult to master. That might be the reason that I have this continuous pain in my shoulder when I run for over 1 hour.


HRV 70

RHR 48

Rest Day

I was not feeling too bad after the Wednesday intervals but I needed to take a rest day as I had an appointment on Thursday night and I knew that I would need a big weekend to get back on track.


HRV 71

RHR 49

12.4km Evening Run

I got home from work around 8:15pm and was out the door again in 15 mins for only my second run of the week. I headed down to Marukobashi, a route that I have run 103 times since April 2012 according to Strava. Of late I have been setting my watch to run by MAF, but this this I did not and just ran to feel. I started off running at 5:20 pace and finished at 5:05 pace and I was glad to be back in training.


HRV 76

RHR 48

17km run with 25 mins at Tempo avg 4:16/km

This was the same run that I did mid-August. My plan was to get up early and do it before it got too hot but I was just not up to it. I took a decent lie in and finally headed out the door at 2:45pm. It was hot enough at 29 degrees and I wondered if I would be able to do the tempo part of the run properly. In August I ran at 4:16 pace for 20 mins and I was hoping to improve on that. Eventually I managed 25 mins but it took a lot of effort. The ultimate goal is to run at between 4:06 and 4:16 pace for 40 mins before I start to taper. This run was tough. I managed to struggle through it and limped my way home.


HRV 79

RHR 36

34km FFLR with 25 mins at avg 4:38/km



This is also the same run that I did mid August and again I started later than I expected. I had set my clock for 5am but could not drag myself out of the scratcher for love nor money. I finally managed to get up sometime after six and get out the door around 7:20am after my oatmeal and smoothie. This might be a good time to mention that 2 weeks ago we bough a Dunnetts Professional Blender. I have been using a Huron Juicer for the last couple of years but it takes a lot of time to prepare the fruit and vegetables and a hell of a lot of time to clean the damn thing. The blender is amazing. You really can blend and clean in 5 mins, although it is a little noisy. However, note to self: next time you blend an avocado add some water so you won’t need a spoon.

Anyway, I headed out at a snail’s pace knowing that I had 34km ahead of me and that I needed to do at least part of it at something approaching marathon pace if I was to make it really matter. My legs were sore from Saturday and I found it hard to get moving. I struggled up through Futakotamagawa and along the Tamagawa river and was wondering if I really had it in me. My doubts were further enforced when I saw the three Namban ladies flying the other direction. I was dead impressed at the pace they were running at and it really made me feel that I needed to do something more. The positive thing was that the day was a to cooler at only 24 degrees and I made it to 15km without stooping at a drinks vending machine.



Finally I made back over to the Kawasaki side of the river and started thinking about the fast finish. As I said last month, there are a lot of traffic lights in the final 3km of my run so I start my fast finish at 24km and try to run for as long as I can at a heat adjusted Marathon Pace of between 4:25 and 4:40/km. At 24km I pushed the lap button on my Garmin and tried my best to get into the “Desired Zone”. It took a while but finally I settled at 4:39 pace and managed to hold it for a while before moving up to 4:38 and finally finishing at 4:37. It was tough but the 25 mins run was 5 mins faster than August and something to be positive about. I then crawled home for the last 4 km with an increasingly sore shoulder but happy that I had done what I had come to do. The goal is to gradually increase the time that I run at marathon pace and hopefully by the start of October it will be up to one hour.

The day was completed with a trip to Ikea in Yokohama to replace our pillows and bed covers in my new T-Shirt, a present from Ireland from daughter #1, and some gentle humiliation by daughter #2.

Me “I can’t hear any guitar practice”

Her “Yes, that would because I am not playing”

Well, at least the road does not answer back.


6 thoughts on “Week 10: August 31st ~ September 6th

  1. Well, I don’t really understand these pace runs, especially the fast ones. Why are you trying to run 4:06 pace? And for only 25 minutes? Your marathon is going to last 3 hours and 10 minutes. You’ve got to get used to running at your goal pace for as long as possible. I think you should be doing 4:30 pace for 60-90 minutes, working up to 2 hours.

  2. You seem to be going well. Good stuff. Always enjoy reading your blog.
    I would suggest that you make your long runs similar to the actual race. No stopping at vending machines or traffic lights. Also do you plan to eat oatmeal and have a smoothie on race day ? Maybe you do.
    What is this ” scratcher ” thing you drag yourself out of? A hair shirt? Each to his own I suppose. 😉

    • Thanks Jon. It won’t be hot and humid in Dublin and there will be aid stations so I can rule out the vending machines :). If I can get oatmeal and a smoothie, I will definitely have it for breakfast. As for the scratcher, that’s Dublin for bed.

  3. “That might be the reason that I have this continuous pain in my shoulder when I run for over 1 hour.”
    Watch out for that pain. I had tricep pain which spread to the shoulder and got bad over time. Just got diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury. Apparently it was the shoulder all along. Can still run through it but no fun at all. Very painful.
    Good site talking about runners injuring arms and shoulders.
    I think yoga stretches help.

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