Week 9: 24th ~ 30th August

Distance 85km

Time        7:56:00

August     306km

Due to an unfortunate and very sad event, I ended up going to Singapore this week and this blog posting will be shorter as a result.


HRV 82

RHR 44

MAF Run 12.4km

This was an after work job and I was very happy to get out and have my weekly mileage start on a Monday.


HRV 77

RHR 45

Rest Day

I intended to run but got home late and decided to take a rest day.


HRV 69

RHR 45

Tamagawa Run 10.3km

I had wanted to go to the Namban Rengo end of month 5km time trial but I could not make it in time and ended up running my usually 10km down to Todoroki Stadium and back. I started out trying to run 5 x 2km intervals but after the first I knew that I was not up to it and knocked it on the head.


HRV 74

RHR 45

Rest Day

I left on the 11pm flight for Singapore.




East Coast Park 21km Run

As I arrived at 4:30am I did not get a chance to take my HRV and RHR for the first time in about 6 months. I did get out after 8pm for my run.


HRV 63

RHR 56

East Coast Park 18km Run

Although I was tired from the previous night’s run I managed to get up early and run 18km again.


HRV 82

RHR 44

East Coast Park 23km Run

Another early start and a 23km run. Back to Tokyo tomorrow night.


2 thoughts on “Week 9: 24th ~ 30th August

  1. That’s a very impressive last three days of the week. Going out after 8 PM and running 21 Km ( I presume) by yourself takes a lot of will power.Good stuff.

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