Week 8: August 17th ~ 23rd

Distance 36.8km

Time       3:29:37

This week turned out to be not as good as I had hoped. The plan was to do 5 more runs with a total of over 80km but from the beginning I was not feeling well and it just did not work out for me. I don’t think I was really sick, as in having a cold or a virus, but I had sore limbs and a fair amount of tiredness. Most runners put the head down and battle through these episodes of fatigue but I prefer to take a day off and hopefully get back to full strength before training again. Unfortunately it has not really worked out that way and I will probably need to take a few more rest days before I get back to full training.


HRV 74 

RHR 48

Rest Day

The nice man from Toshiba came and fixed our air conditioner on Monday morning so Sunday night was the last night that I had to sleep with the window open and listen to the trains go by. My HRV did not seem to be affected it by this, or the Fast Finish Long Run I ran on Sunday, and I was looking forward to a nice rest day and getting back down to training on Tuesday. Incidentally it only cost 25,000 yen (USD200) to replace the AC motor. The repairman did mention that Toshiba would only keep parts for our model until 2020 and after that we would have to replace the whole unit at a cost of 700,000 yen, if it fails. Now that is something to look forward to.


HRV 81

RHR 45

Rest Day

As I have mentioned here before, I always feel great when I wake up and my HRV is in the 80s and Tuesday morning was no different. Unfortunately, I was not feeling great when I got home from work and I decided to knock the MAF run on the head and take a rest as I had planned tempo intervals for Wednesday night.


HRV 74

RHR 45

Tempo Intervals 5 x 2000 m w/ 400m jog

I guess Wednesday morning’s HRV was the second indication that things were not right. Normally after a rest day I get a bounce in my HRV but this time it dropped about 9%.  I was still in the green so I decided to go ahead with my planned run. Namban Rengo were planning to do the same 12 x 400m intervals at the track that we had done in July. Although, I do enjoy that workout, it is not great for marathon training and more intended for mile training. Therefore I decided to do some longer intervals myself in Yoyogi Park to get a more marathon specific workout and opted for the old reliable 5 x 2000m intervals with a 400m jog in between. Nick and Paddy also opted for this but as our paces were different I only saw them on the first lap. Also, they ran the outer loop which is about 2km and I went for the inner loop which is just 1.15km. Paddy chided me over this afterwards but I believe that the inner loop is more mentally taxing so gives you a better workout and the outer loop has a rather tricky step where I have seen many a good man come a cropper, as my father used to say.

I won’t lie, this session was tough. The temperature was still 29 degrees when I started. I had planned to run 4:06 ~ 4:12 pace as recommended by McMillan. Coach Stan had told me to try for 4 min pace but I knew that was out of the question from the first step and I only managed to average 4:12 for the first interval. After that they just went down hill, 4:16, 4:21, 4:24 and 4:28. I was able to take away from the session that I did finish all intervals unlike a few weeks ago when I only managed 3.


HRV 62

RHR 51

Rest Day 

ithlete Pro 20 Aug 2015This was the second consecutive Thursday when I saw that my HRV drop into the red zone after the Wednesday night intervals. Actually, I was quite proud of this as I took as an indication that I was trying hard and making some improvements. I fully expected it to recover on Friday and I would be back to training as usual. So for now I decided to enjoy my rest and get plenty of … rest.


HRV 78

RHR 40

Rest Day

ithlete Pro 21 Aug 2015My HRV did recover well on Friday morning but ithlete Pro successfully predicted that my energy levels were low and when I got home from work on Friday night I did not feel well enough for running and decided to turn in early and see how I felt in the morning before I started to do any more training.


HRV 66

RHR 57

Rest Day

ithlete Pro 22 Aug 2015

IMG_3100I slept fitfully on Friday night and when I woke on Saturday my HRV was down again and  I was still in no condition to run. I decided to take another rest day and get myself back on track by Sunday. Instead of running I went to that local pharmacy and bought some vitamin B1,B2 and B6 and the went online to iHerb to get some B12 and Iron supplement that I cannot get so readily in Japan.

Of course Saturday was the day of the Tamagawa Fireworks. Recently I have been going down to the river that I so much enjoy running along, but this year the kids all had their own plans and I was left to watch them from our apartment. They were still quite spectacular.


HRV 75

RHR 43

20km Recovery Run

ithlete Pro 23 Aug 2013

ithlete Pro 23 Aug 2013

Sunday I finally got out for my first run in 4 days. I still was not feeling 100% but ithlete Pro was green so I decided to head out and see how far I could go. I did bring enough vending machine change for a 34km run but I did not expect to go that far.

I headed down to the river and immediately noticed that my heart rate was 10 beats higher than expected. By the time I got to the riverside track it was in the high 140s and stayed there for the whole run. The temperature was warm, around 26 degrees, but no different than what it had been in previous weeks. However, I was feeling it all the way. When I reached Futakotamagawa I ran into Pat who was finishing her run and she advised me that it was “hot and humid out there”. Later on the run, at around 9.5km point, I met Jenene and Yukiko coming back down the river. They invited me to run the last 5km of their run with them. Unfortunately I felt that the were going too fast for me and I continued up to Noborito and back home on the Kawasaki side.

It was a tough week but I am glad to have gotten to the end of it and hopefully things will get better from tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Week 8: August 17th ~ 23rd

  1. Not really a bad week especially if you were not feeling 100%. And I assume the weather is not yet perfect for running.
    Do you have a friendly medical man to check you out on a regular basis? Someone who knows runners. Maybe a good idea to get the blood tests done and all the rest.

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