Week 5: July 27 ~ August 2

Distance 51.8km

Time        5:07:46

July          304km

This was the week that the weather and the mileage finally got the better of me. It had been 35 degrees in Tokyo nearly every day for 2 weeks. Although I ran 5 times, my weekly distance is way down on what it should be and I need to take  a couple of days off and rest to get back on track.


HRV 79

RHR 47

1 hour MAF

The week started off well with an easy one hour run down the Tamagawa to the Todoroki Stadium and back. It is always good to get a run in on a Monday as you are not playing catch up by the end of the week. Also I needed to run 40km by Friday in order to reach the magic 300km for the month. Normally that would not be a big issue but with the heat and humidity, I knew that I had to break it down into small steps and run it easy.


HRV 76

RHR 45

1 hour MAF

This day last week I had not allowed enough time between eating and running and had to turn back after 3km as I felt sick. This time I was not determined not to make the same mistake and I was in and out of the house in 10 mins and on my way to Todoroki Stadium before anybody could notice. Sometimes it feels a bit selfish running in from work one minute and out the door the next. The only way I can justify it to myself is that if I don’t do it, I won’t get the miles in and achieve my goal. And the fact that nobody notices.


HRV 81

RHR 44

Namibian Rengo 5km Track Time Trial

ithlete Pro 29 Jul 2015

ithlete Pro 29 Jul 2015

It is always great for me to see the HRV go over 80 but it is extra special if it is on the day of a race or a track time trial. The last Wednesday of each month is reserved for the Namban Rengo track 5km Time Trial. I have to admit that I was a bit delighted to see 81 on my ithlete app in the morning and was hoping for a good result. But when ithlete Pro told me that my energy levels favoured an intensive workout and intervals and to GO FOR IT!, I knew I had a chance to make a summer breakthrough. Unfortunately it was not to be. It was another hot and humid day and by the time I got to the track I was beat. When I started running my legs felt heavy and sluggish and I struggled through the whole thing. The first 1km went by in 3:59 and I got worse after that with 4:08, 4:14 and 4:15 and finally recovering to finish the last 1km in 3:57 for a total time of 20:33, 43 seconds slower than last month. It was not only me. Most people running were impacted by the heat and humidity and were running 2~3% slower than they had a month before.


HRV 75

RHR 49

Rest day

I was tired after the time trial but not fatigued and sore so I welcomed the rest day. A friend from college in Dublin was in Tokyo and we met up for some yaki-tori and beers and to catch up on people we had known 30 years ago. It was a great night and very relaxing.


HRV 76

RHR 48

1 hour MAF Run

I woke up on Friday morning happy to see that my HRV had not been impacted by the beers the night before as had so often happened. It may sound trivial but I had 7km to run to bring my July total to 300km but these numbers are very important to runners.  Obviously I did not get up early so I had to do my run when I got home from work on Friday night. Fortunately it passed off without incident and I made my target. I got to bed as early as I could as I had to get up at 5am the next day to try and do a long run before it got too hot.


HRV 66

RHR 50

1 hour MAF Run

ithlete Pro 1 Aug 2015

ithlete Pro 1 Aug 2015

I was a little disappointed to see my HRV drop 10 points on the back of a rest day and a MAF run but I think that the cumulative effect of the heat and the 5 weeks of training finally caught up with me. I still thought that I could fight my way through 20km as I left the house at 5:25am when it was only 28 degrees celsius. I was wrong and ithlete was right. My legs were more heavy than they had been on Wednesday night and I just was not up to it. I muddled my way down to the  Todoroki Stadium for the 4th time this week and then turned around and came home for a another 1 hour and 10km MAF run.

After I got back I went for my appointment with my osteopath. I had not run for more than an hour all week so my shoulder had not been bothering me. However, he still worked on it by pushing his thumb into my upper back and pulling back my shoulder. The pain was so much I closed my eyes and could see stars. He tests if my shoulder is getting getter by sticking out my arm to the side, making me look at the ceiling and then pushing down on it. I am supposed to resist the downward pressure with all my strength. Although I am right handed, I do a lot better with this exercise on my left arm.


HRV 80

RHR 44

Rest Day

Good to see the HRV come back to 80. Today is a rest day but I have about 400km of driving to do. First we are headed off to Narita to drop daughter #1 who is going back to the homeland. Then as soon as we get back, we will head to Nagano for a couple of days of blueberry picking and maybe the odd run. It will be interesting to see how my HRV is impacted.


7 thoughts on “Week 5: July 27 ~ August 2

  1. Good week considering the weather. Never easy in the heat. I am always impressed by people who can get out the door before 5.30 in the morning to train.

  2. That’s a good looking banana!
    400km! – Bloody hell, I think is the expression. Not good for your butt and probably not for your shoulder either. Still, blueberry picking in Nagano should be nice. Enjoy yourself!

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