Week 4: 20th ~ 26th July

Distance 61.1km

Time        6:15:24

This week turned out OK. 5 runs and 61km completed. Not bad considering the temperatures were in the 30’s celsius for most of the daylight hours. I would like to get a big more distance in but I don’t think that it is too realistic at this time of the year.


HRV 79

RHR 47

1 hour MAF

Beets Juice

Beets Juice

Monday is normally my rest day but as it was a holiday in Japan I decided to go out and run an hour at MAF in the evening when it had cooled down a little. When I say that it had cooled down it was still 28 degrees celsius and very humid. The plan was to steal a march on my schedule and get to 300km before the end of the month. It was a good plan as my HRV had bounced back to 79 despite having run a half marathon the day before. In the afternoon I made myself a juice with Beets, Grapefruit, Lemon, Ginger and Carrot. Everything that they say about beets is true. You do feel full of energy after eating them or drinking a juice made from them. I only wish that they were more readily available in Japan and less expensive.


HRV 76

RHR 46

40 Minute Recovery Run

I had also planned to run an one hour MAF run on Tuesday night after work but circumstances got in the way. This would be a recurring theme for the week. I got home early enough from work, had my dinner, collected daughter #2 from her guitar lesson and headed out on my run. However, there just was not enough time between eating and running and by 3km I had had enough and turned back feeling a little ill. This is a mistake that I have made many times before as I enjoy eating with my family and I don’t like to eat too late.


HRV 77

RHR 42

Namban Intervals 12 x 400m

This was the usual mid summer work out that Bob assigns us. The idea is to put a group together with 8~10 members of similar ability and try and run a consistent time over the 12 intervals. I put a team together with a plan to run each 400m at 85 seconds and to rest for 45 seconds after the first three intervals and 90 seconds after the fourth and then repeat three times. Each interval was led by a different person so that made it very interesting. Normally, the person leading ran their best interval. I was able to manage the workout but it got a bit rough at the end as you can see.

82 sec (45 sec recovery)
86 sec (45 sec recovery)
84 sec (45 sec recovery)
86 sec (90 sec recovery)
85 sec (45 sec recovery)
85 sec (45 sec recovery)
87 sec (45 sec recovery)
87 sec (90 sec recovery)
84 sec (45 sec recovery)
91 sec (45 sec recovery)
89 sec (45 sec recovery)
86 sec


HRV 80

RHR 46

Rest Day

I saw a big bounce in my HRV which I was not expecting. Normally the day after the interval session I feel fatigued and my HRV drops. I suspect that the short intervals did not impact me as much and the longer intervals and I was able to recover well. My plan was to do another 1 hour MAF run after work but when I got home I was just feeling too tired and decided to knock it on the head and have an early night.


HRV 84

RHR 39

Rest Day

On the back of a rest day, my HRV jumped up again. I had plans to go out with colleagues on Friday night so I set my alarm for 5am and planned to get up and do an hour run before work. However, I just couldn’t do it. I reset the alarm for 6:30 am and enjoyed another 90 minutes of sleep. Unfortunately, my colleagues got sick so we had to cancel our evening appointment. I planned to catch up on the morning work out I had missed but on my way home there was an accident on the train line which meant I had to wait for 50 minutes on the platform for my connecting train. This really tired me out and I went to bed early again when I got home.


HRV 75

RHR 44

1 hour 50 min MAF

I knew that I did not have much time to complete my 5 days training for the week. The high mid-day temperatures means that if you do not get out the door early in the morning you can forget about it. With this in mind I did manage to get up at 5am on Saturday and out the door before 6am. I ran 18km in 1:50 but my pace just got slower and slower as I tried to keep within my MAF heart rate. Initially I thought that I would run 21km but as the temperature increased I had to re-evaluate my plan and just ran down to Gasubashi and back as I had a 9am appointment with my osteopath. I got back in time and the osteopath gave me some new squat exercises to do to try and regain the shape of my back. He also suggested that I work on my form when running and have somebody look at it. I will go back and see him again next Saturday.


HRV 75

RHR 47

16km Trail Run

IMG_0101Sunday was the annual Namban Kamakura trail run led by Jay. I have done this run three times now but today was definitely the hottest it as ever been with the temperature at 35 degrees when we set off. There was a fantastic turn out with 34 people turning up for the run and more people there for the day out. We first went to the Quick Silver Beach House on Kamakura Beach. It is a glorified locker room with showers and charges people 1,500 yen for the privilege of using them. In previous years, the locker room was attached to the restaurant so after returning from the run it was very convenient to order a meal and a few beers. Since last year all that convenience is gone and the locker users are shunted off to the side with no access to the restaurant. I think that next year will will have to find somewhere else.

As it was so hot, Jay announced at the start that we would be running slowly and I was very glad of that. We headed along the sea front and then turned right to look for the road that would bring us to the famous IMG_0104Kamakura Daibutsu.  It was only 1.5km up the road and we got the group discount to enter as we were more than 30 people. We were met by Steve and his son who took more group photos and videos for an upcoming documentary on the club 🙂 .

Once out of the Daibutsu grounds we headed for the trails and were soon heading up a steep embarkment at a snail’s pace. At this point it was very narrow and there were many tourists and hikers about. Eventually we made it up to the open trail and ran along at an even pace, if not a fast one.

IMG_0111We then ran down to Zeniarai Benzaiten Ugafuku Shrine which is famous for getting people to IMG_0108wash their money with the hope that it will increase in value. I did not partake myself but I regretted it afterwards.

Shortly after leaving this shrine the group split up. Those wanting a shorter run headed back to the beach and the rest of headed up to the hills for more trail running. I was delighted to see that I knew the trails from the time that I ran them when my son was playing soccer nearby. They were very steep but well covered with tree branches and we did not suffer too much from the sun although the heat and humidity did not change.


5 thoughts on “Week 4: 20th ~ 26th July

  1. You did well on Sunday after 18k on saturday.
    Knew I could count on you for the distance. I had a total running time of 1:44, which averages out to 6:30 per k, so that seems about right.

  2. Good week in hard conditions.
    Am reading Charlie Spedding’s training diary before the LA Olympics. He also did 10x 400. But he took 90 seconds between each rep.

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