Week 1: 29th June ~ 5th July

Distance 82.4km

Time        7:49:37

So this is the start of my 17 weeks plan to run the Dublin Marathon on October 26th. Why 17 weeks? Who knows? It is as good as any other number of weeks. 119 days has a nice ring to it. It is always nice to start a training plan in the middle of the Rainy Season as you can get some nice cool days in the middle of summer, although they might be a bit wet.


HRV 77 

RHR 41

Rest Day

Monday was a rest day. I thought about going swimming but as it was raining a lot here in Tokyo I did not fancy carrying my swimming gear around all day so I just went home after work and had a couple of beers. It worked out fine. Not the most exciting start to a training plan, but trust me, it will get better.


HRV 76

RHR 41

Leg Speed 20 x 30 seconds with 1 minute jog

Good to see no real damage to my HRV this morning due to my slow start to training. Today the plan calls for Leg Speed and  I duly obliged. I had planned to run it around my house after work but road works starting at 9pm meant that is was not possible so I headed down to the Tamagawa. This turned out to be much better and I was pleased to be able to do all 20 reps.


HRV 75

RHR 44

Namban Rengo Intervals 6 x 1000m

This is where things get complicated. Both Greg McMillan’s plan  and Coach Stan tell me that I don’t need these intervals on a Wednesday and they may be right. 4 key workouts a week is too much. But the problem is I love running with Namban. I love the banter. I love the competition with my friends and I love the sento and the beers afterwards with great conversation and a wonderful bunch of people. And I am afraid of Bob, our President for Life. So I have decided to keep going with the intervals for as long as I can. This Wednesday was the first day of July and I really felt the change in humidity. It was raining all day so it was not so hot but it was really humid. I did an easy 6km warm up with Keren, Bob, Bob J and Teri and I was soaked at the end of it. I believe this led to my interval times being all over the place – 3:50/3:43/3:41/3:48/3:46/3:51. Normally I can keep them all within a second or two of each other but this time I couldn’t. Until this session, I had been getting better each week but now I feel the summer slog coming on.


HRV 74 

RHR 51

Hill Repeats 6 x 750m

The plan called for 10 ~ 12 Long Hill Repeats but I am afraid that my hill was too long, or I was just not up to it, and I could only manage 6. When I got back I checked with McMillan and he recommends hills of 2 ~ 3 minutes at medium effort. My times were 3:16/3:15/3:18/3:17/3:21/3:19. I think that next time I will cut the hill down to 600m and try to push it a bit more. My Heart Rate only went up to 178 and my max is 199 so I had a bit more in me.


HRV 74

RHR 50

Rest Day

Rainy Season

Rainy Season



It was fortunate that today was a rest day as it was miserable. It rained all day and I sat in my desk in wet socks the whole time. Fortunately Paddy called me out for a Pint of Plain in the evening so all was not lost.


HRV 81

RHR 44

34km Long Run

I was pleased to see my HRV bounce up to 81 on the back of a rest day. It set me up nicely for a Long Run which was actually due to be run on Sunday but Real World events were already getting in the way so I took the opportunity and ran it a day early. The plan actually called for a 90 ~ 105 minute run but the last time I called that a Long Run I got a lot of comments from Harrisson and Phillipe so I thought that I would not chance that again and went and did 34 km in 3:24 along my beloved Tamagawa river. I hope that they are satisfied. For my Long Runs I am going to try and keep my Heart Rate under 138 and I managed to average this today. However, there were times when it went over 140 and for the last 5 or 6km it was in the 142 ~ 144 range. I let it go as at that point I just wanted to get home.


HRV 69

RHR 55

Easy Run – 8km

ithlete Pro

ithlete Pro

Today’s plan called for 40 ~ 50 mins run. Yesterday I had thought that I would do a bit more and run down to Marukobashi for my standard 12.4km run. However this morning I was was feeling a bit sore from yesterday and as ithlete Pro was telling me to take a rest, I just ran an easy 8km around the block in the rain, keeping my Heart Rate in the low 130s.

It was good to complete 5 runs and get over 80km for the week. The challenge is  to continue to do this for the next 16 weeks without getting injured but continuing to increase my stamina.


4 thoughts on “Week 1: 29th June ~ 5th July

  1. Nice to hear that you are committed to the wednesday workouts. However, three hard days in a row is not a good idea. How about resting on thursday and doing the hills on friday? And yes, 600m is plenty for hills – even 500m is fine.
    And keep an extra pair of socks at the office.

  2. Great to see the ‘BEST’ running blog is back in action.
    I would not be surprised if you run a break through PB in Dublin’s fair city.
    That 34 Km run,17 weeks before the Big Day, was excellent.
    Why does your RHR vary so much? Or am I reading this wrong ?
    Good luck.

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