The second half of the year

Tomorrow begins my training for the second half of the year.The events that I have currently scheduled are:

19th July              Obuse Half Marathon

26th October        Dublin Marathon

23rd November     Ohtawara Marathon (Of course, 4th time)

Since I last ran a marathon my weight is is down about 4kg. I have almost run 1,400km for the first 6 months of the year. I have run three 5km time trials in under 20 mins and I  ran one 10km race in 41:53, which I was quite pleased with. On top of all that, I also appeared in Runners Magazine as part of series sponsored by Bathclin bath salts. That was very enjoyable.

But now it is time to get serious. And what does that mean? It means following my McMillan plan and engaging with Coach Stan. It means running 5 times a week and not slacking off like I did last week. It means putting training 3rd behind my family and work and ahead of drinking and socialising like Murakami does. I have a arranged for quite a few friends to come to Dublin for the marathon so I want to be in good shape when I get there and ready to beat them all!

Let’s see how it goes.


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