Week 12

After surviving a week on the road with no ill effects, and doing 2 good runs last weekend, I came back to Japan to catch a cold within 4 days. That meant I did not get out to run Monday to Friday, resorting to going to bed early and drinking hot lemons.

Week 12

Week 12

On Saturday I still was not feeling great but I knew I had to get out and do something so it was down to Yokohama for a 15km trail run. It started out quite terrible. I was feeling sick and seeing stars as I headed up the hill. However, gradually things got better and by the time I tackled the Sakae High School hill segment, I was not feeling too bad. I could not take the Course Record but I think that now it is only a matter of time. I often feel that when you are recovering from a cold, a good sweat will do you the world of good.

Sunday was a Fast Finish Long Run. The idea was to run 28km with the last 13km at goal pace. I couldn’t do it. Although I could get my run up to my Long Run pace of 4:50 – 5:00/km I just could not sustain 4:30/km for the 13km and I ended up doing 10km with an average pace of 4:35/km towards the end. I was not that disappointed as coming back from a cold and not having run all week it was to be expected. I know that I can run at 4:30/km pace as I did it last weekend for 20km and if conditions are right, I will make this my race pace in 4 weeks. Next weekend’s long run is 32km to 38km. I will try and go long and see how it goes.

Weeks 9-16

Weeks 9-16


One thought on “Week 12

  1. Good week end running.
    I think “race pace” at training will probably feel ‘ slow’ in the actual race.
    You seem right on target.
    It is not always necessary to Garmin every run. Sometimes if you are not feeling that flash it may be better to just run for say 2 hours and forget about the distance or just run 30 Km and not time it. 🙂
    Also I don’t think it’s necessary to run 38 Km at training….but others may think differently.

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