Week 9

Week 9 did not go quite to plan but I got in 4 good runs, including 2 key workouts, amounting to 75km and as I sit here on Sunday afternoon I am suitably tired and satisfied.

Week 9

Week 9

Monday was a rest day. I thought that I might get in some swimming but it did not work out but I was not too disappointed as I was still feeling tired from Sunday’s long run. Tuesday was to be a medium run of 90 to 105 mins but real life events got in the way and I found myself getting home too late and too tired to do anything. I took advantage of it and got in some much needed sleep.

Yasso 800sWednesday is Namban Rengo interval night and Philippe convinced me to forgo the 6 x 1000m that is run on the first Wednesday of each month to do the Yasso 800s with him. He had a point. The Yasso 800s was on my plan for Thursday and I was probably doing too much high intensity runs anyway. The Yasso 800 is used as a marathon time indicator that nobody believes in anymore. The idea is that you pick a pace to run each of 10 x 800m and rest the same length of time in between. Therefore if you plan to run a 3 hour marathon, you would try to run each 800m interval in 3 minutes and rest 3 minutes in between intervals. When I say that it is a marathon time indicator that nobody believes in anymore, I mean that it alone is not sufficient to predict your time. You have to do all the training and be in good physical and mental shape to do it. Still it is a lot of fun so I agreed and we also dragged in Michael as well. My plan had called to do 6 – 8 x 800m and I thought that that is what I would do. However the intervals were going so well I ended up doing all 10 with Philippe and Michael. We chose a 3 minute interval/ 3 minute rest and as you can see from the table it worked out well. For the most part we kept close to our predetermined pace and were very happy with the result, although I could not restrain myself from sprinting away on the last interval. Philippe and Michael show much more maturity.

On Thursday I was sore. Particularly, the right side of my right calf and my left ankle. Still I decided to try and go out to do the run I had missed on Tuesday, 90 – 105 minutes. First I went and did the local 5.3km run with Michael and he got himself another PB, running it in 31:03. When he is in this form, it is actually a good work out for me as well as him. In summer he was doing this run in over 40 minutes so I am very proud of the progress he is making. After I dropped him back home, I went out and did my 12.4km run to bring up time to 100 minutes.

Friday I was considering getting up at early and doing the 60 minute run before work. However my legs were still tired and sore and I decided to give it a rest. On Saturday I woke up to my lowest HRV reading in a year, 51. I decided to take it easy and not drink any alcohol to see if it came back up on Sunday or if I was heading back into the relams of overtraining again. I did go out and do the 12.4km run but I took it nice and easy.

On Sunday my HRV had jumped 30 points to 81 so I was ready for my Long Run. Harrisson had sent a request for running partners out on Friday and I knew that as Michael had no soccer I would be able to make it. He wanted to run 26km and I needed to run 34km so we decided to meet at Futakotamagawa which is just over 4km from my house. Sunday was the beginning of Typhoon #18 and it was already bucketing down when I set out. Tomorrow will be much worse and already the local school has been cancelled. I think that the worst of the typhoon will hit Tokyo at 9am tomorrow and there is likely to be 43mm of rain in an hour. It should have passed by early afternoon and then the air will be clear and we will get back to normal. But I digress.

I met Harrisson at 8am and set off up the Tamagawa. He is one of the top runners in our club, but as he is just getting back from injury, he was running at my pace. I was fortunate to have a running jacket and cap with me but all he had was a T-shirt and he looked cold from the start. The run up the river was non-eventful at about a 5 minute pace and we crossed over the Tamagawa at Inagi. Once we got over to the Kawasaki side we started moving a little faster. After about 2km we had to run through some long grass which was very wet and very cold, but also kind of fun. At least I thought so. Harrisson was not amused and let me know in no uncertain terms. I was surprised that such a hard runner could be so delicate. After that he started to push the pace to make me pay for the inconvenience of grass and we finished up running the last km together at 4:35. I was delighted to me able to keep up with him although my left ankle was getting sore and the rain was getting heavy.

After we parted in FutakoShinchi, I tried to maintain the pace and I could do it along the river but once I moved to the backstreets there was too many traffic lights to keep it going. Still it was a great run in terrible conditions so I was glad to complete it. The overall pace of 5:03, which although a little faster that what I mentioned last week, gives me confidence for the race itself.

Next week I have a Fartlek, a Tempo Run and a Fast Finsh Long Run. Oh yes, and I am flying to Hong Kong and Bangalore from Sunday. It’s all go.

Weeks 9 -16

Weeks 9 -16


11 thoughts on “Week 9

  1. As one of your readers said recently you don’t get many comments other than ” well done” so I better say something profound.
    So saying the Yasso 8s were well done.
    Likewise the long run was excellent….if you can run like this in training well…..
    I would not run through long grass either……or do you run in long grass in the race?
    Wearing a running jacket and a cap is a bit weak. 🙂 Bit of rain never hurt anyone yet!
    Do you wear compression sox? I am wearing them all the time nowadays to handle pains in my calf.
    What about icing? Do you ice after running?
    Ok is that a long enough comment ? 🙂

  2. So you’re on for a 3 hour marathon! Did you jog during the 3 minute Yasso interval rests? That’s part of the session as I understand it.

  3. You’re right, Paddy, it is, but he didn’t. He just walked around, but claimed that was “ok”.
    However, you’re a better man than me, Padraig MacColgan. I skipped today, not wanting to go out in the chilly rain. Will skip tomorrow also, unless it turns nice in the afternoon. 2 days of rest will probably do me good.

  4. We had indeed a good Yasso session which tells, I think, that you the strenght/speed component of what you want to achieve. Not more, but it’s good validation. Interesting to see how it goes in 3 weeks with all the volume you will have in your legs. You will have to find another pacer because I will in recovery mode after my race.

    As for your HRV, a jump of 30 points in 1 day is huge, how many beers did you have on Thursday evening??!! At least now you cannot deny the impact of alcohol on the quality of your sleep!

    And for the long run, pity that it was too far for me to join you both but I had exactly the same run, same distance, same pace!

    @Bob: it was not so chilly
    @Jon: I did wear a jacket as well, the last thing we want is to catch a cold during our peak period of our preparation. And not sure that the guys who ran today in Tokyo 30km+ were the weakest 😉 And I wear compression socks after run for recovery, maybe it’s just a placebo effect, but it works pretty well.

  5. I didnt sign up to run in the bushes and the mud, wasnt prepared mentally, it s a matter of state of mine dude -_-;
    Anyways, I really enjoyed today’s run. Alone in that weather would have been different. I reckon that between ” running with a buddy in the nasty mud and bushes” and ” alone in the shitty rain” i’ll still go with the first option… and be called ” a pussy”

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