Week 7

Week 7 went well. I was able to complete all the scheduled runs and managed 72km in all. I am feeling a bit tired at the end of it and I am looking forward to my rest day tomorrow and perhaps a spot of swimming.

Week 7

Week 7

Monday was my rest day and also a National Holiday in Japan so I did not get to go to the pool. I did however manage a 10km round trip bicycle ride to my son’s soccer which was a nice bit of Cross Training. Tuesday’s plan was for running 80 to 90 mins. I thought that I would go out and do a moderate 16km in 90 mins but once I got to the river I felt fresh from resting on Monday and averaged about 4:45 and completed the 16km in 80 mins..

Namban Intervals

Namban Intervals

As always Wednesday is track night with my club Namban Rengo. I feel that I am getting stronger each week since the summer is over and my times are coming down. I have not run a 1600m interval in some time and I was happy to get in under 6 mins. It was touch and go for a while as I was over 3 minutes at the end of the second lap but managed to push it for the last 400m to get 5:59. Unfortunately I did not have my heart rate monitor with me so I don’t know how high it went. I am interested in seeing my Max HR again as I think that the 204 I saw on the Akasaka hill repasts in February may not be correct.

Cruise Intervals

Cruise Intervals

Thursday I was back on the McMillan Calendar (he does not include Namban Intervals for some reason) and the plan was for 8 x 1000m Cruise Intervals. I was not sure at what pace to run them but Philippe advised 4:30 and that worked out well enough. The Garmin Forerunner 220 is working out well and I am enjoying inputting the workouts. Unfortunately I got this one wrong and ended up running over 1200m for the second interval. I was will able to complete all 8 intervals and felt stronger at the end.

McMillan Training Paces

McMillan Training Paces

Friday was my second rest day so I went to the pool and swam 1000m and did no weights. It felt good and on Saturday morning down in Yokohama I was feeling fresh again as I headed out on the trail. The plan called for 55 to 65 mins of running so I managed just over 11km in 62 mins. I was pleased that I reached the top of my first hill in 15:15. I reached this point in 15:55 last week and 17 mins 2 weeks ago. While part of this is down to improvements in myself, a lot of it is the cooler weather and the fact that I no longer have to carry a water bottle.

When I got home I looked up Sunday’s Progression Run on the McMillan Running Site. It was a third’s run, which means you break the 90 minutes into three 30 minute thirds and steadily increase your pace through each one. I then started wondering about the paces that I was running and if they would help me reach my goal on a 3:10 marathon and I decided to sign up for the PRO section on the McMillan site to get his advice. On the left you can see what he recommends. I got this recommendation by entering my time for the 1600m last Wednesday and the target marathon time. Some of them are a little faster than what I had expected, such as the Tempo Run. I generally consider anything faster that 5 min/km a Tempo Run but now I will have to look at that again. Also, the 1000m Cuise Interval is 4:13 to 4:20 which is almost what I did by default on Thursday. The speed paces are all a little bit slower to what I run at the track but the repetitions are greater. I plan to run a 5km time trial on Wednesday so I will do this calculation again and see if it changes.

As mentioned above, Sunday was to be a 90 min Progression Run split into thirds. I knew that I could not do this type of run on the trails so I waited until I got home from the Sunday morning soccer, took a nap and headed out around 5pm. Actually my HRV had dropped from 73 on Saturday to 67 on Sunday so I was also hoping that the extra rest would help me on the run. From the start I was not feeling good. I had a lot of acid in my stomach, probably due to my love of Craft Beer and even though I had been drinking milk all day it had not gone away. However, I noticed that my pace gradually increased and I was expecting a good run. Unfortunately the second third got away from me and I ran it too fast, probably because I had the wind at my back and I had not run too much on Saturday. Anyway the final third was very tough into the wind and along the river trail and I failed to increase the pace overall. The overall result was

1st third 5:20 min/km 2nd third 4:29 min/km 3rd third 4:30 min/km

When I do this run again, I must force myself to keep the second third pace above 4:45 min/km so that I can run harder at the end.

Next week will be tough again with a Fartlek, 5km time trial at the track, 2km tempo intervals and a 26km to 32km long run. I had better get off to bed and get ready for it.

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