Week 5


Week 5 started off with a bit of a surprise when I missed my first run of the week on Tuesday due to real life matters.

Week 5

Week 5

Namban IntervalsThat may not have been a bad thing as I was still tired from travelling the previous week and my HRV was still down on what it had been a few weeks earlier. On Wednesday I made it to the track and although it was a little cooler than it was two weeks previous, I really struggled to get round. I was very grateful to get all the intervals in under 4 mins but there were times when it could have went either way. My hope is that as the weather cools and I get in a few more training runs, that these intervals will come down towards 3:40 and maybe even below. On Thursday I went out for an easy 12km along my beloved Tamagawa as I was still feeling the ill effects of Wednesday. Friday was another real life event which stopped me from running, so I was going into the weekend with only 22km to show for myself.

Fortunately on Saturday Michael had a three hour soccer session, cup game and friendly games, so I was free to put in some trail miles in the Yokohama Nature Park. I had planned to run 20km or more as my schedule had called for 22 – 26km and I knew I could get in some more in the evening. Actually the Long Run was scheduled for Sunday but as I knew I would not have time, I was trying to squeeze it in on Saturday. However, I found the trail really tough going and I struggled up and down the hills. My target was also to do over 500m of elevation gain for the first time but after a while I realised that if I was to get some miles, in I would have to cut out the hills. I ended up with 18km in 2 hours and fairly tired. I also saw the biggest snake I have ever seen in the wild. This fellow was well over 1 meter long.He was sliding across the path into the bush to my left when I spotted him and I stopped dead in my tracks. It looked for a moment that he was going to go about his merry way but then he stopped as well. I turned and went back the other way. When I got home I took a nap and then headed out to complete my long run. I was not sure how far I would go but I ended up making it down to Marukobashi for 12.4km, bringing it 30km for the day and the week some respectability.

IMG_1912IMG_1913On Saturday night I took a look at my schedule and saw that I had been slacking off on my main runs. I realised that if I was going to do a good run in November I needed to pay a bit more attention to what was planned and be a bit more disciplined. One of the runs that I had missed this week was the Progression Run.

On Sunday morning we had planned to go back down to Yokohama for more soccer and trail running. I work up at 7:30 and took my HRV and was very pleasantly surprised to see that it had bounced back up to 80, a number I rarely see, and that the overall trend was heading in the right direction after a week of constantly dropping. I blame the travel rather than all the good food and drink. As we were about to head out the door we got a mail to say that the soccer had been cancelled due to rain and I promptly went back to bed. When I got up again I decided that this was the day to make up for one of those lost runs and headed out for the Progression Run. The plan calls for 

PR: 70-80 mins w/ last 20-30 mins fast

Progression RunUnfortunately the last 3km from the Tamagawa to my house has 4 sets of traffic lights and not really designed for running fast. I therefore decided to do the progression part for 20 – 30 mins along the river and it all turned out better than expected considering I had struggled so much during the early part of the week.







I now have to decide the plan for next week. The Namban Intervals which I enjoy each Wednesday are conflicting with the schedule which calls for Leg Speed on Tuesday, Fartlek on Thursday and an easy day in between. I guess I will see how Tuesday goes and then decide.

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4 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. Yes, impressive progression run – well done.
    As for the Wednesday intervals, if you really want to do them, work out your schedule as I have worked out mine – with Tuesday off. Easy Monday, Tuesday off, Wednesday intervals, Thursday hills, Friday off.
    (I actually do a tempo run Monday, but I don’t run long on Sunday.)
    Putting on my copywriter/proofreader hat – “it could have GONE either way.” Or is that an Irishism?

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