Week 4

Week 4 was a business trip to Singapore and I did not expect much in the way of training so I was pleasantly surprised that I got in 5 runs and almost 50km.

Week 4









Monday was a rest day and Tuesday was a travel day. After meeting my friend John, I headed out to explore the city. I was staying in the Park Royal Hotel on Beach Road so I headed out across the bridge and did a lap of the new stadium and then turned around and headed back. The evening was not so hot so I averaged under 5 minute pace per km for just over 10km which is good for me for a training run. 

Of course one of the joys of going to Singapore is eating and drinking and I did plenty of both.

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All off this may have impacted my training but who knows? It is hard to tell. Anyway I was able to get up bright and early (5:30) on Wednesday morning. I looked out the window and it was pitch black. At this time in Japan is completely bright so I was a little taken aback. But what the hell, I thought, it will be light soon and proceeded to get ready to run. Then I noticed that it was raining. I paused for a minute and told myself that running in the rain was nothing new to me and continued to get ready. Then I noticed that there was thunder and lightening and I promptly went back to bed. While lying there and feeling all smug and satisfied (God knows why), I remembered that there is a gym in the hotel so I had to drag myself up out of bed again and out the door. I was happy that there was only 2 people there when I arrived and ran for an hour at ever increasing speeds. When I stopped the whole place was covered in sweat. I was glad that I had brought a towel with me and mopped the whole place up.

Wednesday night I may have drunk a little too much and did not get out for a run. I did not get out on Thursday morning either but on Thursday evening I did and once again I headed over to the New Stadium (apparently) before doubling back and running past the Casino before heading to my hotel. 11km that I was very happy with. 

Friday was a complete work day where I checked out of my hotel and checked into my friend Kerry’s house in the evening. We went out on Friday evening and celebrated how good it is to be Irish men in Aisa. On Saturday morning I surprised myself by getting up at 9am and running 12km around the Botanic Gardens. I always find it easier to get up and run in another country as I know that it might be a long time before I am there again. The Botanic Gardens were great. Even though they were filled with people hiking, playing frisbee and getting married, there were lots of people running and it was a lot of fun. In the afternoon Kerry and his family took me to the island Palau Ubin off Singapore where we cycled around and ate and drank to our heart’s content.

10429236_10152649911892453_7311859558683590400_n IMG_1900 IMG_1893 IMG_1888 IMG_1878







On Sunday I made it back to Japan but my running did not stop there. I got home at 8pm and by 8:30 out was out the door with Michael to do our 5.3km run. He had not run much since I was away and made a 3 minute PB of 31:49. I was greatly impressed.

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