Week 1

The fact that I am writing the update for Week 1, one week late, should give you an indication that there is not really a lot to write about. Real world activities started to get in the way that prevented me running in the evening and I was just too tired to drag myself out of be in the morning to make up the shortfall.

Week 1

Week 1

The only good point for week one is that I started running with my son Michael again. He actually instigated it so I was happy to take him up on his suggestion and hopefully we will continue to run together from now on.

I think that this might be a good time to say that I will be trying to follow a McMillan training plan for this marathon. Every time I like to do something a little different and when I was training for my unsuccessful attempt at the Munatsuki June marathon I read his book You (only faster) and I was quite taken my some of the ideas.

There is a long time between now and the 23rd of November so we will just have to take one day at a time, keep to the plan as much as possible and see how it goes.


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