It’s back on!

Tomorrow I start my 16 week training program for Ohtawara 2014 … with a rest day. Revenge for last year is very much on my mind.


I sprained my ankle running trails in Yokohama last week and I was not sure I could start on schedule. Actually I have been running trails for the last 4 or 5 weeks in the Yokohama Nature Park near Konandai, building up elevation and stamina, and thought I was getting good at it. Unfortunately I had a work trip to Hong Kong on the 24 and 25 July and when I was running on the Sunday I was still a bit tired and lacking concentration when I rolled my ankle. I rested for a week and went out for a 8km recovery run tonight. It did not hurt too much (of course I told the wife it did not hurt at all) so I think I am good to go from Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

This time I am going to follow the McMillan plan having read his book You (Only Faster).  The plan is to start with 4 weeks of hill work before starting the specific training. I also plan to continue to measure my resting heart and daily HRV for the whole 16 weeks. I will let you know how it goes.


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