Week 23 11th to 17th November (6 days to go)

Runs             4

Distance    52.7km

Weight      75.3kg


The biggest highlight of this week was almost reaching my target race weight of 75.0kg. Unfortunately, I might have eaten too much since last Monday and I will have to settle for something a little more on the actual day. Also starting on Monday, I took a screenshot of my HRV on my iPhone ithlete app each day as I thought that there would be an improvement while I was tapering.HRV 17 Nov 2013 Actually, I got the idea from this training diary, John O’Regan’s HRV Training Diary 28-3rd Nov. This chap does different workouts each day, including gym sessions, so there is a nice variability to his HRV. However for me, it was pretty much the same from Monday through to Sunday so I will just show the HRV for the last day. I was happy that my HRV has stabilised somewhat and this was sort of indicated in my MAF Test on Wednesday which was my best one since June. I feel that I am getting back on track with my training and if I had another 8 weeks I could probably run a good marathon. But, as I only have 6 days I will have to make the most of it. I am already thinking about what to do next which may be a bit defeatist. I do plan to continue running MAF, taking my HRV and Resting Heart Rate each morning and boring people with some blog or other.

The runs this week went fairly well except for Saturday. On Tuesday I got my boy out to run 5km again. While he was happy to start he wanted to quit after 1 lap of 2.5km but I dragged him around for second one, before doing two more laps by myself. Wednesday was my monthly MAF Test which I did in Yoyogi Park. Last time I did the MAF Test there it was on the wide outer loop of 1.9km. I felt that there were too many ups and downs so this time I tried it on the inner loop of 1.2km. I still felt a few rises and falls to the path that I had not noticed before and while sometimes I was running well with my heart rate within MAF, other times I was almost crawling. I think that the Tamagawa on a night with no wind is still probably the best place for a MAF Test so I might head back there next month. On Saturday, the run did not go well. I don’t know if it was thinking too much about the race, tiredness after a week’s work or the carbo heavy TenDon (天丼) that I had for lunch but I could not keep my heart rate down without crawling along. I was looking for a good medium distance run to set me up for the marathon, but it was not to be. On Sunday, things were a little better and I went out for a rehearsal run with the kit I plan to wear in the race, if I get the weather. It was a lovely day and I felt good but every time I thought about the race my heart rate shot up to 150.

Ohtawara Race Haircut

Ohtawara Race Haircut

The interesting thing about the Ohtawara Marathon is that it is always on the 23rd November, a national holiday in Japan – Labour Thanksgiving Day, regardless of what day of the week it falls on. This year it is on a Saturday so I plan to take a half day off work on Friday and travel up to Nishi Nasuno to stay in the hotel and eat at Big Boys – 995 yen for a plate of pasta and all the curry rice, salad and soup you can eat! I think that all of my club members are travelling up on Saturday morning, but that requires getting up around 5am and I know if I stay at home I will not get a good night’s sleep for reasons I don’t need to go into here but involves noisy children.The final highlight of this week was getting my race haircut. I want to look good on the official race photos on the off chance I run a good race and want to buy one. I must remember to take my cap off.

Tuesday Recovery       10.6km

Wednesday MAF Test 14.4km

Saturday Aerobic          19.4km

Sunday Rehearsal           8.3km


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