MAF Test #6

I saw a slight improvement in my MAF Test tonight in Yoyogi Park. Although it its too close to the race to make any difference to my training, it is good to see it better than last month. I still cannot understand how my pace per mile gets better the longer I run. I guess that I am not warming up correctly.

Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF)  140 bpm

Average Heart Rate 139 bpm

Time In Zone 62%

13-Nov-13 10:11/10:15/10:10/10:02/9:53

16-Oct-13 10:22/10:48/10:29/10:40/10:40

17-Sep-13 10:28/10:25/10:13/10:17/10:04

29-Aug-13 10:36/10:36/10:34/10:45/10:47

15-Aug-13 10:29/10:32/10:37/10:28/10:30

27-Jun-13 9:56/ 9:52/9:45


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