Week 22 4th to 10th November (13 days to go)

Runs           5
Distance    61.8km
Weight       76.1kg
Floradix Iron Tablets

Floradix Iron Tablets

First week of the taper is over and I am just 13 days out from the marathon. I am continuing to to take the iron and vitamin C supplements that I have been prescribed and I have ordered more from the US on the advice of Harrison. These are for when I finish the current course that I am on to try and ensure that I do not go back into that dark place again.

There has also been a slight improvement in my HRV but it is still quite a ways off the peak of around 4 weeks ago. I had been hoping that it would have been fully recovered by the start of the race but that seems to be a long shot now.
HRV 10 Nov 2013

10 Nov 2013

This week went fairly to schedule as I ran the 60km that I had intended. I had only intended to do a 25km run on Saturday but I miss-judged the distance to a bridge and ended up doing 5km over. I compensated by only running 5km on Sunday so I hope that there will not be any impact. On Saturday I ran the long run with John who came over to Japan with me 24 years ago. We had a good old chat for the length of the run which made the miles pass quickly. I also made him run at my heart rate which I do not think he was too happy about.
The main highlight of the week was getting my 9 year old son out for his first 5km run on Tuesday night. He has run with me before until about one year ago but we had gotten out of the habit. I am now hoping to get him out once or twice a week and hopefully he will get more interested in it.
I am now putting a lot of thought into the pace to run the race. The original plan was to run at 4:30/km and try and finish in 3:10. That seems quite a remote possibility now. The Marathon Paced Sessions that I had planned to run from September all got shelved when I got anemia and they never got put back on the agenda. I think that the best plan now would be to take things easy for the next two weeks, try and get myself as fresh as possible for the start and give it a lash.
Tuesday Aerobic         10.6km
Wednesday Recovery    5.3km
Thursday Aerobic        10.3km
Saturday Long             30.0km
Sunday Recovery          5.6km

4 thoughts on “Week 22 4th to 10th November (13 days to go)

  1. You made a cameo in a dream I had last night. Don’t ask. You had just ran a 20min PB at Ohtawara and were very happy. You also looked like you weighed about 50kgs! Sase-san was walking around with a huge bottle of sake. The rest of the dream was pretty weird.

  2. Sounds like you’re tapering well. Yes, rest is your best friend now.

    I have some weird dreams as well, but thank God Sase-san is not in them.

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