Week 21 28th October to 3rd November

Runs          5

Distance   91.0km

Weight      76.4kg

October    350km


After a couple of shaky weeks, it was good to  get back to some sort of form and complete 5 runs this week, 4 of them in a row. I also managed my 5th and final long run, 36km, along the Tamagawa on Saturday which helped bring me back over 90km/week for the first time in a while. The long run started out promising with a MAF pace that was mud better than what I had run recently but after 15km I had to continuously reduce the pace to stay within my MAF heart rate of 140 bpm. The other positive from the week is that my HRV has seemed to have turned the corner and is moving back to where it was 3 weeks ago. I am hoping that the supplements are working and I am certainly feeling much better as well.  Finally, while my October target was 400km, I was happy with 350km considering that I had to deal with anemia along the way.

On the nutrition front, the wife found kale in the Aoyama Organic Market which I am looking forward to adding to the menu this week. I have also been enjoying wheat free muesli and my usual assortment of nuts.

Kale, muesli and nuts from the Aoyama Organic Market.

Kale, muesli and nuts from the Aoyama Organic Market.


Tomorrow sees the start of the taper with only 19 days to go to the race, so I will need to start watching what I am eating. I have been allowing myself the odd bar of chocolate and onigiri on the back of trying to get back to full training, but now I will have to be more careful so that I can go to Ohtawara without excess baggage. It will be interesting to see how this heart rate training will finally work out. Many people have been telling me that I need to do some speed work, and that was certainly my original intention before seeing a drop in my red blood cells, but now I think it is too late and I will let this experiment run to its natural conclusion and let the dice fall where they may.

Tuesday Aerobic     14.1km

Thursday Aerobic    16.1km

Friday Aerobic          12.4km

Saturday Long          36.0km

Sunday Recovery     12.4km


4 thoughts on “Week 21 28th October to 3rd November

  1. I eat the Seitenbacher meusli too, but I don’t like that mix with the raspberries. I think I already said this in person, but the way you have nurtured your recovery state, I don’t think you need to taper as much as other programs. In fact, this week I’d even try to bite off as much or more than last week, including long run, then ease back a little bit gradually over 10 days and rest the last 3 days before the race. But that’s just me 😉

    • Thanks, Steve. Yes I am going to try a few more of those mueslis before I settle on one. It is nice change from the Bran Flakes I gave up in June.

      As to taper or not to taper, I will have to see how I recover this week and think about it. If I recover well, I might try another long run next week just to p off JM 🙂

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