Week 19 14th to 20th October

Runs         3

Distance  71.7km
Weight     77.4km

This was not such a good week. However, I did manage to finish it with a 36km long run so I am thankful for that. The way things were going, I nearly did not make it. My ithlete was red again (30) on Saturday morning so I took my third consecutive rest day. Actually, I was happy to do so as I was still feeling a bit tired. On Sunday my ithlete returned to white (train as normal) albeit only 33. I was hoping for green (good recovery)  but I took what I could get and started to make plans to get in my run.

Unfortunately, I had 2 obstacles: 1) It was raining cats and dogs all day and 2) the wife had plans of her own until 6pm. 6pm came and it was still bucketing down but I was having a war of words with a fellow Nambanner so I was not able to back down and out the door I went.

The route I take for my long run is 3km down to the river, 6km along the bank, cross a bridge and back up the other side for about 13km, turn around and back down again. It means I pass the point of no return on the 36km run at the 17km mark. Mentally I think that helps me to keep going and it certainly did tonight. If I could have turned back at 19km or 20km I might have but by the time I reached the next bridge at 22km I was OK again and I knew I would finish.

Like last week I let my heart rate drift above MAF and I was only in the zone for 15% of the run. For the last 10km I was pretty much running at 15 beats above MAF to try and make it home before midnight.

I am hoping that tomorrow morning my HRV will continue to rise and that I can get back to a full week’s running.


Monday Aerobic            20.4km
Wednesday MAF Test  15.3km
Sunday Long Run          36.0km



4 thoughts on “Week 19 14th to 20th October

  1. Great effort with your long run. Of course the odd drop of rain should not put you off.
    I feel the same way regarding point of no return. I make sure I never pass my home after 20km as it’s just too easy for ME to wimp out and call it a day. 17 Km out and back is always good…easy to run 17 and then all you have to do is a U turn to get home and run 34. Actually this sounds easy but I find it damn hard.

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