MAF Test #5 and HRV Collapse

After a great weekend running in the Nagano Hills, I was ready to try another MAF Test and I was actually looking forward to it. My pace in the hills had increased, my Heart Rate Variability (HRV) hit a high of 70 on Sunday morning and it was now much cooler. I was hoping to finally run all the MAF miles under 10 mins. Looking back I guess I should have called it off when I woke up on Wednesday morning and my HRV had dropped from 65 to 42 and my ithlete iPhone app was showing yellow. This is an indication to take it easy. However, I thought that a few kilometres at MAF pace in Yoyogi Park could not hurt. Unfortunately, things continued to not go to plan. I felt slow and sluggish and, as shown below, did not mange to improve my MAF  at all. I ran a 2km warm up, 8km at MAF pace and continued for a 5km cool down before heading to the sento (public bath).

The next shock was at 5am on Thursday morning when I got up to do my morning run, still hoping to make 100km for the week. I took my HRV as usual and saw that it had fallen again to 30 and that the indication was now red, meaning “don’t even think about running”. With a heavy heart, I reset my alarm for 6:30 and got back into bed. I felt slightly better knowing that this is why I was measuring my HRV each morning and thought that I would just need another rest day and I would be ready to run again.

Fast forward 24 hours and the same thing happened again. My HRV had fallen further to 24 and the indication was still red. With a heavier heart I sighed “shoganai” (it can’t be helped) and reset my alarm. Truth be told, I have not been feeling great these last few days so it is nice to have an iPhone app to tell me not to do anything stupid or there might be no way back.

Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF)  140 bpm

Average Heart Rate 139 bpm

Time In Zone 64%

16-Oct-13 10:22/10:48/10:29/10:40/10:40

17-Sep-13 10:28/10:25/10:13/10:17/10:04

29-Aug-13 10:36/10:36/10:34/10:45/10:47

15-Aug-13 10:29/10:32/10:37/10:28/10:30

27-Jun-13 9:56/ 9:52/9:45

HRV 18 Oct 2013

HRV 18 Oct 2013


HRV 18 Oct 2013 (All data)

HRV 18 Oct 2013 (All data)



4 thoughts on “MAF Test #5 and HRV Collapse

  1. Sorry to read that. You must have got a cold or something. Any correlation with your sleep quality (from another app!)?
    Maybe you needed a rest week after 2-3 solid ones.
    Without the app telling you to rest what would you have done?

    • My sleep quality has been good, 82% last night and my resting heart rate 42. HRV was still 30 this morning so another rest day is called for. Without the app I would probably do some slow runs.

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