Week 18 7th to 13th October

Runs 5
Distance 100.6km
Weight 77.8km

This was a good week.

I managed a 36km long run Saturday even though it was 27 degrees and sunny. This is important as I want to run 5 x 34km+ long runs by Nov 3. Two down, three to go. This was a tough run in the sun. During last week’s long run I let my heart rate drift by 5 beats over MAF after 20km and 10 beats after 30km. This week it was up 5 beats as soon as I stepped into the sun after 3km and was 15 beats over MAF for the second half of the run. I really had no choice as I would not have gotten home if I had stuck to MAF.

The weekly total was again over 100km for the first time in two months and it gives me a real chance to reach my monthly target of 400km.

My mid-week run was 20km. Stan in my club told me this was a pillar of his successful Boston Marathon so I am giving it a go.

My heart bio- feedback is improving. On Friday my resting heart rate was 40bpm and on Sunday my HRV reached 70 for the first time. This gives me confidence that MAF is working and that I should continue with it. I have to plan a MAF test next week to check the progress.

On Saturday night we came up to Nagano where it is much cooler. Although I was running in the hills on Sunday, it felt much easier to stay within MAF than back in Tokyo. The Ohtawara Marathon will be held at the end of November so I will hopefully be getting much cooler weather as well.

Tuesday Aerobic 14.1km
Wednesday Aerobic 20.2km
Friday Aerobic 14.1
Saturday Long 36km
Sunday Aerobic 16.2km


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