Week 17 30th September to 6th October

Runs 5

Distance 86km

Weight 78kg


This week started the final 8 week run-in for the marathon and I knew that I had to get back on track with the long runs, not having done one since August 31st. I was a little sore after the Watarase Half Marathon but fortunately not injured. With the hot weather and the race out of the way I now need to focus on endurance. After the trouble that I got into last month with the speed work, I have decided to continue doing just MAF until the marathon and see where that gets me. I was pleased with the Watarase result so I am hoping that 8 good weeks of low heart rate training will be beneficial. I plan to do another MAF test in 10 days or so and hopefully that will give me an indication as to how things are improving.

Tuesday Aerobic             10.2km

Wednesday Aerobic      16.3km

Thursday Recovery         5.2km

Saturday Aerobic           20.1km

Sunday Long                   34.2km


5 thoughts on “Week 17 30th September to 6th October

  1. Padraig, with the relatively cold weather do you have issue to get to MAF or do you still have to refrain from speeding up?

  2. Good distance on Saturday and Sunday. Good that you had no ill effects from the Half.
    I drank a can of Guinness tonight, as my wife wanted to try it – she didn’t particularly like it. But the canned stuff is not up to the real thing, I think.

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