Week 16 23rd to 29th September

Runs                4

Distance        63.4 km

Weight           77.2 kg

September   240 km



With a child’s birthday, a half marathon and a few bits and pieces at work I only managed 4 runs and 63km this week. However, I still feel it was a productive week. I did 3 x 14.1 MAF runs from Wednesday to Friday. The Thursday evening run was particularly good as it was nice and cool and I started to feel my MAF pace increasing. I had planned to go out again on Saturday morning and run 10km to bring the weekly total to 70km but my HRV monitor told me to rest, so I rested. Also, I felt knackered.


I am happy that I did rest, as I was feeling much better as I headed up to Watarase on Sunday morning. My race report is at the end of this blog, but I did feel that I was able to maintain the same pace for the full run despite the sun and heat and that must be a good thing.


On the back of that, I have decided to continue MAF training until my marathon on November 23rd and give it my best shot.


Wednesday Aerobic            14.1 km

Thursday Aerobic                14.1 km

Friday Aerobic                      14.1 km

Sunday HM Race                 21.1 km  


Watarase Half Marathon – 29th September 2013



The Watarase Half Marathon was the first race I ran after joining Namban and one I have registered for each year since then. Initially, I was charmed by Paddy’s mail to the Namban List:


“I’m planning to do this half marathon on Sunday Sept 27th (2009). It is being held at a place called Watarase on the border of Saitama, Ibaraki and Gunma. Nearest main station is called Koga. The race starts at 10am, it is the 1st time this event is being held. 3 flat laps around a reservoir is the course description.”


Of course the nearest station is actually Yagyu,  and while it is a flat course, it has never been kind to me as it has always been too hot. Today was no exception. The heat started as we walked from the station and the sun beamed down on us. I knew I was in for a tough day.


12 Nambaneers ran the Half Marathon. My target was not to get a PB but to finally break 1:40 on the course. Although it is flat I have not made much improvement over the years


2009 1:44:30

2010 1:40:19

2011 1:43:45

2012 DNS


The race consists of three laps of the reservoir and as we started out on the first lap I did not feel great. It was hot and the kilometres ticked by slowly and I was quietly resigning myself just to make it through the day. There were three water stations on each lap and each provided a chance to have water poured over you. As we reach the first station after 3.5km I was already looking forward to it and the water over the head did make a difference. I then took a drink only to discover that all they had on offer was some sports drink (not sure which brand). I really could have done with just water at that stage.


I made it through the first lap and noticed that my pace had not dropped and that my heart rate had remained the same at 178 bpm. As I turned the corner into the second lap, I was hit by a pleasant cool breeze, which I found very refreshing. I managed to keep going at roughly the same pace and increased my heart rate to 182. I was pleased that I did not drop my pace until the 16km when I got a stitch in my left side. I think that I took in too much air with my drink at the 14km water station and it eventually worked its way into a knot. I slowed down and tried to burp and finally I started to feel better and was able to make a push for the line and take 2 minutes off my course best time.


I think that this is a tough race because of the heat but it is a good way to start the season and I will probably register next year again.


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