Week 15 16th to 22nd September

Runs           6

Distance    95 km
Weight       77.6kg
It is good to get over 90km for the week again after struggling recently. I have decided to put my Marathon Paced Sessions on hold until I feel better. Next Sunday I have the Ohtawara Half Marathon so that will serve as an MPS.
This week I enjoyed a couple of MAF paced runs before returning to some intervals on Wedensday. Our track was closed so we ran in Yoyogi Park. My splits were better than 2 weeks ago at 3:49/3:47/3:48/3:57:3:56/3:59 which was probably due to the cooler weather but still good.
On Sunday I did my first tempo run at about 156 bpm with Jon M from my club. I had run a 21km MAF on the Saturday so I was a little tired but all in all I was happy with the result.
Monday is another holiday in Japan so my plan do another recovery run and try and knock out another 6 runs during the next week, although the total distance will be less with the half marathon on the Sunday.
Monday Aerobic           18.0 km
Tuesday MAF Test       15.2 km
Wednesday Intervals  14.0 km (6 x 1000m)
Thursday Recovery        5.3 km
Saturday Aerobic          21.7 km
Sunday Tempo              20.8 km

4 thoughts on “Week 15 16th to 22nd September

  1. Bit unconventional doing 42 km in two days spread evenly between the two days rather than knock out a long run. Then you are doing a half marathon next week, another weekend without a long run. OK, I will raise my eyebrows right now. Just for you.

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