MAF Test #4

Well, any sign of progress is to be welcomed so I am going to take this MAF Test result with open arms. Certainly the cooler weather had a lot to do with it, but I am not certain why my mile pace gradually got better. My theories range from I had eaten too soon to the start of the run, to I got faster as the night got cooler, to finally that it was the fact that I got into a rhythm and topped exceeding my MAF heart rate and then slowing down to get it back on track. The other good sign is that I am gradually increasing my Time In Zone which I am taking to mean that I am able to run at a more stable pace. Let’s see what next month’s test brings.

Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF)  140 bpm

Average Heart Rate 138 bpm

Time In Zone 77%

17-Sep-13 10:28/10:25/10:13/10:17/10:04

29-Aug-13 10:36/10:36/10:34/10:45/10:47

15-Aug-13 10:29/10:32/10:37/10:28/10:30

27-Jun-13 9:56/ 9:52/9:45


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