Week 14 9th to 15th September

Runs           2

Distance    24.8 km
Weight       77.0kg
I guess I saw some green shoots of recovery today – Thank you Arthur G. I did the same 12.4km route as I did yesterday morning and my time reduced by 7 mins, my average HR went decreased from 140 to 139 and Time In Zone increased from 50% to 62%. All good indicators but it might take a while to get back to doing the Marathon Paced Sessions. Next week I plan to keep running aerobically while increasing my distance and hopefully getting back to where I was a few weeks ago. I have the Watarase Half Marathon in 2 weeks and my A race in 10 weeks.
Yesterday I listened to this episode of Endurance Planet about HRV. It was very interesting and afterwards I went back and read the ithlete app user guide and realised that I was doing it wrong. It states that if your resting Heart Rate is less than 60 bpm, you should take your HRV standing up. Granted Philippe had told me this last week but I did not heed him. Anyway, I deleted my data and started again this morning. I will show the data again after a week.
Saturday Aerobic      12.4 km
Sunday Aerobic         12.4 km

2 thoughts on “Week 14 9th to 15th September

  1. You reduced your time by 7 minutes !! Thats one hell of improvement over 12 Km !
    Watarase Half will be a good test on how you are really going ( assuming weather is favorable).
    All seems good so far.

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