The Power of Guinness

First pint in 6 weeks

First pint in 6 weeks

I suppose that the first indication that something was going wrong was when I got my blood results back two weeks ago. I did my annual health check in June and my LDL cholesterol was at 141, just high enough for me to be brought back for a recheck. The second test at the start of September showed that it had gone down to 124, but my hematocrit had also dropped form 40.1 to 37.9. As Tyler Hamilton would tell you, that is way to low to win the Tour De France.

 As I wrote, I have not been feeling great since last Saturday’s run and I have been resting and trying different things to restart my engine:

Eating red meat everyday

Tiger Balm

Japanese cold straps (シップ)

New work shoes

Vitamin B supplement

Iron supplement

and when all else failed,


I had a few pints last night, my first in 6 weeks, and I finally got out a 12.4km slow jog this morning. The real proof of whether or not I am on the mend will be how I feel tomorrow and if I can run again.

My wife is suggesting Qigong (気功) so that may be the next step.

Stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “The Power of Guinness

  1. You’ve been going at it pretty hard for a while there Padraig. Some of the weight drops seemed pretty severe. And this weather is oppressive. Look forward to a nice energy boost when autumn arrives properly any day soon now. In the mean time … Slante!

  2. Everyone feels less than 100% every now and then. You have plenty of time…try all these things….apart from the booze. Running in such harsh weather conditions is a killer. Once the weather turns you will fly. I have heard Taro San is already getting worried.

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