Marathon Paced Session #1 – 5km

I had always planned to start my Marathon Paced Sessions from the start of September at a 4:30 target pace in order to make my 3:10 marathon goal. I never thought that it would be easy so I was happy to be able to start and while I did not make my target pace for each km, it was close enough that I think I can work up to it over the next few weeks.

This morning I had a 3km warm up, 5km at marathon pace and a 6km cool down.  I noticed 2 things

1. When I was running at my target pace I was just inside my Lactate Threshold of 177 bpm. Hope fully this will go down as the weather cools further and I get better at it.

2. It took me 5 slow km to get my heart rate back inside my MAF of 140km.

Pace: 4:34/4:34/4:36/4:31/4:30


3 thoughts on “Marathon Paced Session #1 – 5km

  1. Thats excellent .Well done.
    A few seconds over 3-10 pace means nothing at this stage. I assume the weather is still not great for distance running. That plus running alone and early morning all makes it harder.
    Not sure long warm down adds much. But whatever suits you.

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