Week 12 26th August to 1st September

Runs              6

Distance     90.6 km
Weight       79.0 kg
August        414 km
Today sees me half way through my training program. 12 weeks gone, 12 weeks to go.
This week I managed 6 runs and go over 90km again which is a good return on my investment. I also managed a 32km long run in 30 degrees heat on Saturday which brought me over 400km for August and my longest month ever.  I also made it back to the track on Wednesday for the Namban Rengo 5km Time Trial. My time of 20:30 was 19 seconds fastest than last month but still over a minute off my best. However for a mid-summer run with little or no speed work to speak of, I am happy with it.
The next phase of my training plan starts now, which is to include intervals and faster runs each week. I have worked out my Lactate Threshold (LT), 177 bpm, so I plan to include either a LT run or  a Marathon Paced Session (MPS)  each week from now. I am not sure at what pace I will be able to do the LT run but I am hoping to the MPS at 4:30 min/km.
MY HRV goes up and down day to day, but remains stable overall. As Harrison said, it is best after a good night’s sleep.
HRV 1 Sep 2013

HRV 1 Sep 2013

 Tuesday Aerobic           14.1 km
Wednesday Track          12.3 km (5km Time Trial)
Thursday Aerobic          15.4 km (MAF Test)
Friday Recovery               5.3 km
Saturday Long Run       32.8 km
Sunday Aerobic              10.7 km

4 thoughts on “Week 12 26th August to 1st September

  1. Thats a good week. Great long run in the heat.
    Do you have any races planned in the next 12 weeks? I always thought actual races rather than just training was beneficial for the Marathon.

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