MAF Test #3

My third MAF test tonight was no better than my my first or my second. Even though the weather has gotten better in the evenings, it seems that the thousand kilometers of aerobic running I did over the summer has had no benefit on my heart rate. Oh, well ….

Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF)  140 bpm

Average Heart Rate 138 bpm

Time in zone 72%

29-Aug-13 10:36/10:36/10:34/10:45/10:47

15-Aug-13 10:29/10:32/10:37/10:28/10:30

27-Jun-13 9:56/ 9:52/9:45


2 thoughts on “MAF Test #3

    • Thanks for checking this out Steve.

      All tests were done between 7:30 and 8:00 on a Thursday evening but the one in June was the coolest one.

      I run as close to 140 bpm as possible and take the time for each mile.

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