Week 11 19th to 25th August

Runs           4

Distance    78.0km
Weight       79.0kg
I had planned to take an easy week after 3 fairly tough weeks, but I still thought that I would manage 5 runs. However, on Saturday morning I was feeling beat and decided to follow the old adage “listen to your body”, so I stayed in bed. It turned out to be a good choice as the weather got much cooler on Sunday with some light rain and I was able to go out and run the guts of 36km after stocking up on yakiniku and yakiyasai the night before. It was an enjoyable run along the river down to Kawasaki Daishi, over Daishibashi with a good view of Haneda Airport and back up the Tokyo side. I found it hard to keep within MAF on the way back and I ended up being on my feet for 4 hours 20 minutes.
Along with running at MAF pace, I have been trying to change my diet during the summer as outlined in Maffetone’s “Big Book Of Endurance Training and Racing”. I have managed to remain off cereals and white bread (2.5 months) and alcohol (nearly 4 weeks) which has seen me lose the best part of 5kg since the start of June. For breakfast I will have Avocado, Banana, Kiwi or Pineapple, Yogurt, Yakult and Coffee. For lunch I am trying to stay away from rice and bread and if I can make it to the supermarket, I can buy 2 types of salad and chicken, liver or fish. Dinner is the same as it has always been but I generally take half the amount of rice that I used to. Throughout the day I snack on almond nuts and drink far too much coffee.
The other highlight of this week is that my HRV is apparently in good shape, at least that is  what I think it means when the blue line is going up and the Week Change is green after a rest day.
HRV Chart 25 Aug 2013

HRV Chart 25 Aug 2013


HRV Table 25 Aug 2013

HRV Table 25 Aug 2013

Tuesday Aerobic               8.7 km
Wednesday Aerobic      21.1 km
Friday Aerobic                 12.4 km
Sunday Long Run           35.8 km

9 thoughts on “Week 11 19th to 25th August

  1. 4 hr. 20 mins. – wow, that is a long run!
    No bread is good, no beer is amazing. Will they come to take away your Irish passport?

  2. I’m taking a very easy week starting today after 3 tough weeks in the heat. I’ve been monitoring my HRV for 6 months now and one the biggest influence for me is the quality of my sleep.
    I dont know how you manage a 4+ hour run in the weather :S
    I ran 22k on saturday and was really drained.
    keep it up man!

  3. Harrison, I am sure that your easy week will be tougher than my toughest week. I sleep much better since I cut out beer and I think I will sleep even better when I can turn off the air-con at night. What HRV app do you use?

  4. Haha, no when I say “very easy week” I mean 3 runs (total, 25-30k) and some yoga and weightlifting 🙂
    I use sweetbeat. Their scale is different from ithlete, it’s virtually impossible in sweetbeat to go beyond 100 for example.

    I also like this app because it provides a graph with your low frequency and high frequency spectrum (i know, im nerdy)…

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