Week 10 12th to 18th August

Runs           6

Distance    90km
Weight       79.8kg
It was tough being back after the holidays but there was some highlights to this week. Tokyo is still too hot to run during the day but I did manage another 90km and I am on target for 400km for the month if I can stay running 6 times a week. My Long Run on Sunday was originally going to be 34km but I cut it down to 30km on Saturday when I saw the weather forecast (30 degrees) and again to 28km when I was half way through it. I drank 3 litres of fluids on the run and came back 1.2kg lighter than when I left. It was a real struggle just to get home.
As you will have read, I managed a MAF test and started my HRV measurements which will hopefully help me train well for the rest of the summer and into the autumn. I am now thinking about when I will start the Marathon Paced Sessions. Perhaps I should wait until after the next MAF test in mid September.
It was also good to be under 80kg on a Monday morning for the first time since I started this program.
Tuesday Aerobic            12.4 km
Wednesday Aerobic     12.4 km
Thursday Aerobic          14.3 km
Friday Aerobic                 12.4 km
Saturday Aerobic            10.2 km
Sunday Long Run           28.3 km

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