Week 9 5th to 11th August

Runs           6

Distance    112.2km
Weight       80.4kg
The highlight of this week is that I had my summer vacation and that I was able to go to Nagano to do some good quality running while eating some good quality food. I ran a good few hills but kept my MAF heart rate which meant that I walked a bit as well. I was happy to get over 100km for the week and to continue to increase the length of my long run.
The weather is still unforgiving in Japan and although Nagano was not as bad as Tokyo, it still reached 37 degrees some days. Needless to say most of the runs were done early in the morning but one day it was already 32 degrees when I was on my way back.
The goal for next week is to keep the volume up and the heart rate down. Not so easy in this weather
Monday Aerobic            16.1 km
Tuesday Aerobic            16.4 km
Wednesday Aerobic     18.3 km   (Nagano Hills – 224m elevation gain)
Thursday Aerobic           22.3 km  (Nagano Hills – 536m elevation gain)
Saturday Long Run        30.0  km (Nagano Hills – 451m elevation gain)
Sunday Aerobic                9.1 km   (Nagano Hills – 111m elevation gain)
Nagano Vegetables

4 thoughts on “Week 9 5th to 11th August

  1. Thats some serious running. Well done.
    You are well on your way to that 3-10.
    What ever suits you of course…and I am the last one to talk….but watch out you don’t do too many Kms per week. It is easier to over train than you may think.

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