Week 8 29th July to 4th August

Runs           6
Distance    90.1km
Weight       80.2kg
July              328km
There was lots of highlights this week.
First and foremost was getting back to the track for the first time in 5 weeks. Although 20:49 for 5km is well off my best, due the heat and the humid and lack of speed work I did not feel too bad about it. Next I topped 300km for July which is always a milestone I am happy to pass in any month but in mid summer it is extra special.
I kept my word and moved to non-alcoholic beer from August 1st and after a few choice words from Steve L (ask yourself “how bad do you want this”) I started dragging myself our of bed again in the early hours and completed my longest run since February.
I also entered the Tokyo Marathon 2014 and ordered the Race Ready running shorts which I have heard so much about.
Finally, I topped the week off with going over 90km for the first time in a long time which is another good milestone for me.
There still is a lot of hard work to be done over the next 16 weeks, but I feel that I am getting back on track.
Tuesday Aerobic            14.2 km
Wednesday Aerobic     10.3 km
                        Track          11.4 km (5km Time Trial)
Friday Aerobic                 14.2 km
Saturday Long Run        27.6  km
Sunday Aerobic               12.4 km
Non-alcohol beer.

Non-alcohol beer.


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