Week 7 22nd to 28th July

Runs           5

Distance    73.5km
Weight       81.0kg
Although I did not reach the 80km that I had planned for this week, there were several highlights. I managed a 20km mid week run which can never be a bad thing, 2 early morning runs and a trail run with Namban Rengo in the hills around Kamakura (see photos below). The trial run was my first non MAF run in a month and I did find the going rather tough. Even though it was up and down for 2 hours I do think that I found the going harder than last year.
The plan for next week is to get back over 80km and do the club 5km track time trial on Wednesday. Oh yes, and to stop drinking alcohol from Thursday.
Tuesday Aerobic             20.2 km
Wednesday Aerobic      16.1 km
Thursday Aerobic             5.3 km
Saturday Trail Run          15.5  km
Sunday Aerobic               16.4 km
IMG_2019 IMG_2022 IMG_2026 IMG_2029

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